uh oh

August 5, 2004

i’m worried that this blog is going to get so boring that no one will want to read it. it will become a constant nagging indication that it’s my life that’s boring, and that will make me depressed.

then, depression will lead to even more inactivity and stagnancy in my life, which will in turn be reflected in the blog and make it even worse.

i’ve got to stop the cycle.

probably won’t happen while i’m in lumberton, though.

today my favorite patient was a little 7 year old boy. he came in with his grandmother who just looked exasperated and quite worried. “he’s just not eating!” was her chief complaint. she continued, “he plays so hard all day in day camp out in the sun, burning up so much energy, and he’s so tired when he gets home.”

the truth was, when you asked the kid, he was eating, he was playing out in the sun all day, and he felt perfectly fine. he hadn’t lost weight; in fact he had gained 8 lbs since his last visit a year ago. his weight was just about 50th percentile and his height was about the same. he had a normal BMI. therefore, the grandmother’s complaint more correctly could be revised to: “my grandson isn’t sitting in front of the tv and stuffing his face with cheetos and coke all day.” the poor soul.

we had a slooooow day in clinic today, really. it was the first day of school, so i suppose the kids were too riled up on their own endogenous stress hormones to feel any pain. i’m sure they’ll all be piling in later this week once the little ones start sharing all their germs with each other.

i’m back to lumberton tonight, because josh is on call at fayetteville. i pity him, because staying up all night is horrible, especially if you know in your heart that there’s just no real point. i mean, i’m sure there are babies that get born in the daytime, right? wouldn’t that be enough experience for someone (like me) who has no intention of standing on that side of a heaving laboring woman ever again?

but the ranting must stop. in fact, i think i will do the opposite of rant right now.

good things that happened today:

1. i got to watch trl at the gym again!

2. i ate some really good raspberries

3. my preceptor was nice to me

4. i’m going to get a lot of sleep tonight (hasn’t happened yet, but will)

5. it was sunny for once

all right. i’m going to snuggle up with the *last* chapter i have left to read in blueprints peds and there will be a small celebration when i finish. too bad no one else will be around for the party. and too bad that this state-supplied house is “alcohol free.” some party this will be.

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