good night

June 9, 2009

i am not a vampire
i’m a morning person. i feel the best when i wake up, and generally spent by the time evening rolls around. my thoughts just don’t crystallize into words the same way they do first thing, accompanied by a cup of coffee and the promise of a new day. my resolve fades with the setting sun: in general, when the clock strikes 9 pm, i don’t feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel like doing pretty much anything, which makes me pretty lame, i know*, and not at all suited to night work.

or even PM blogging.

3 more days of this every-other-night business!

* although wine, good conversation, and/or enticing dance music all have their powers in extending my nighttime endurance.

i will address everyone’s wise thoughts on yesterday’s home decor post, and hopefully string words together with more grace and less effort than it is taking at this moment.

for now, though, i have more culinary photos to share! josh decided to throw a barbeque shindig for his fellow about-to-be-PGY4s (that means post-graduate-year 4 for the non-resident crowd). unfortunately, one personal emergency + 2 sucky work schedules later, the event was cancelled. rather sad, but i got to reap the massive bounty of leftovers!

i do 90% of the cooking in our dual-resident household, and i like it like that. i am a practical cook, good at planning, and i tend towards the healthy side of home gourmet. josh likes to to use a lot of dishes, make a LOT of food, and create plates that have a bit more drama and pizzazz (and often more MEAT). for events, he puts together great menus that are crowd-pleasing.

i, as a crowd of one for tonight’s dinner, was quite pleased. i’m just sad that the others had to miss out!
all of tonight’s dishes were from this book. molto mario . . . nascar style.

prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, on an orla plate

proud of his BBQ results. don’t ask about the nametag: maybe he thinks that we’re home together so infrequently these days that i might not recognize him.

on a plate, taco style with more corn and white bean salad (my favorite part)

key lime pie . . . which is usually my signature dish. we agreed that his version was almost as good . . .

so i suppose that on a day that i watched the desperate housewives finale in its entirety (SO GOOD) and ate key lime pie baked by my husband, i can’t really complain TOO much, right? life, on the whole, is still pretty good. 3 more nights left!



workout: 9 miles outside on mild hills but in 75-80 degree heat, average 9:21/mi. 20 minutes gentle hatha yoga to follow.

reading: an article on hearing loss. i got some weird looks for reading such a random article on call, but whatever. i love my peds in review!

flossing: check


  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    apples don&#39t fall far from trees

  • Reply The Happy Runner March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Wow, that asparagus looks good!

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