and so it begins: last full week of the year!

December 21, 2009

sunday brunch
there’s just something wonderful about a decadent & leisurely sunday meal with family. josh was post-call from wake med yesterday in raleigh, which is where my sister lives, so the stars were aligned perfectly for the occasion.

we all met up at zest cafe & home art, a combination restaurant/boutique that is extremely cute with good cuisine to boot.

before any brunch was consumed, however, it was gift exchange time!! i was super-excited to give my sister a pair of indian earrings from one world market (i had stopped by there to give april her planner giveaway prize!).

she just returned from england (for work) and brought me . . .

orla kiely chocolates!!!!!!!!!
they are as delicious as they look. i checked.
the rest of brunch was quite lovely. josh managed to stay awake post-call:

the OJ came with a pineapple & strawberry skewer. nice touch.
i ordered a ‘pizzesta’:

a bargain, since it provided enough to share PLUS part of josh’s dinner last night!

admittedly, i was jealous of my sister’s plate after seeing (and tasting):

warm, melty, pillowy goat cheese
i love how i have a picture of her plate but not HER. too bad, because she was dressed quite fashionably. next time!!

up & coming
i’m actually excited that it’s monday, and that i’m back to a pretty full work schedule for the week — to be followed by 6 days off for new years! i’ve been spending a lo-o-o-ng time writing my posts latey, and i’m going to have to be a bit more efficient. here’s a little teaser of things to come, though (which i’m doing in part so i can remember what i wanted to write about!).

doin’ time recap: top 10 recipes
☑ cooking plans for 2010
☑ resolution-o-rama! i think i might roll mine out one at a time. countdown-style, perhaps.
☑ continuation of the running story
☑ next training/race plan

twitter: i kind of get it now
i admit i didn’t ‘get’ twitter when it first came out. it just seemed like another facebook, but more annoying to read. but in the past few weeks since i’ve installed tweetdeck, it’s been a lot more fun. i actually use twitter mainly for blog friends & contacts (feel free to follow along), whereas i use facebook for the real world (admittedly the lines do blur sometimes!).

and i realize that i’m slow on the uptake, but last night i just realized that you can follow really anyone who has a public profile. including . . .

yay! can’t wait to hear what these peeps have to say.

AM run
okay, off to run on the shortest day of the year (i think). it’s cold out (27), but i feel lucky NOT to be tromping through snow!



workout: none! i decided to only do what i felt like last week — and being SORE from my weights workout on saturday, i just wasn’t up for a run. no running on saturday OR sunday — i can’t remember the last time that happened!

reading: none for work . . . but i started the namesake and so far it is AMAZING! i loved the movie, but i absolutely adore the writing style of jhumpa lahiri and the way i can just linger on the images for as long as i want.