December 8, 2009

let the weather-stalking commence!
when i saw this yesterday, i was sad (focus on saturday):

this morning’s graphic was a bit more optimistic. BRRR, but i definitely prefer running my marathons DRY, thankyouverymuch.

i guess it’s still too early to know, but you know i’ll be obsessively checking!

food, glorious food
thank you, runner’s world, for your permission to eat cheese, red meat, and nuts. before you published this article, i thought these items were POISONOUS, DANGEROUS substances that would make me gain 15 lbs the second they crossed my lips. now i know that i can dig in!

okay, obviously that was a (feeble) attempt at sarcasm. the article above had some good info in it, but i am often surprised at the restrictive, food-phobic nature of the so-called “fuel” section of RW. i wanted to write a little bit about my philosophy on marathon training + EATING, so here goes!

my personal take on eating while marathon training

1. if hungry, EAT! running burns a lot of calories (duh). after a 15-miler, your body really does have a nutritional debt to repay. whether it hits you on the day of your long run or at seemingly random times, listen to what it is telling you. the systems that regulate appetite are smarter than you think.

2. but don’t go crazy. for me, there is no need to consciously add calories to my diet to make up for miles run. similarly, justifying a dessert blitz with the day’s mileage isn’t a smart thing to do on a regular basis. i admit that i used to do this, and wound up with a few extra pounds at the end of my marathon training cycles. obviously, that’s not the end of the world, but i’m happier maintaining my weight throughout training.

3. enjoy treats but eat real food first. when i set out to eat A MEAL, i generally make much healthier and more satisfying choices compared to my snacks. and there’s nothing wrong with a second breakfast or lunch if you are hungry for it.

4. nothing is forbidden. because . . . seriously, what’s the point? life is just too short!

5. it’s ALL in the proportions. i think this is key. ‘experts’ make all sorts of crazy rules about what to eat and what to avoid (ie, the annoying magazine articles i referred to earlier) but really it’s all about quantity and proportion.

disclaimer: these tenets are based on my own experience, and won’t fit everyone’s needs! for example, i know there are runners who really do need to consciously refuel based on calories burned to avoid underfueling.

one positive change that is going to impact my (and josh’s) diet is that we’re going to start receiving weekly local and organic produce delivery from bella beans!

this service came recommended by fellow durham foodie meg. i have always wanted to subscribe to a CSA-type service, but many of them require you to pick up the box at a specific time (not ideal for my work schedule). this service provides home delivery AND is fully customizable.

i get my first box next week! so exciting.

a double decker bus
i can’t believe i’ve let vickie post THREE planner-related entries on her new website without linking! as many of you are already aware, vickie is my long lost, separated-at-birth, asian twin (v, i hope there is nothing offensive about that statement).

born 2.5 months apart, we are both 5’1″ with backgrounds in competitive cheerleading and the violin who attended the same small liberal arts college in western MA and then migrated to smallish southern towns to further our educations (both in medicine). we both have excellent handwriting (although hers is better) in spite of the years of medical training and we ♥ organizational toys, coffee, pretty things, and modularity. there’s more, but i’m sure you’re creeped out enough already.

i started my blog in 2004 after she started hers, but she has since deleted the archives and started fresh. ANYWAY: on her new site, she is featuring a series called the future is now on her search for the perfect 2010 planner. see? separated at birth. yesterday’s post made me happy. check it out!

is celebrating a VERY important birthday today.

YES, it’s this handsome guy!! ♥♥♥♥! love you, babe.

although the bday boy has requested that our official celebration be moved to thursday evening, i am planning a few little surprises for tonight.

contest corner
don’t forget about the planner giveaway! you have until the morning of friday decemeber 11 to enter. also, meg is giving away some delicious barney butter. yum.



workout: last speed workout before the race!
1 mile warmup: 9:01/mi
6 x 400m: 7:21 – 7:30, with most around the 7:22 – 23 mark.
1 mile cooldown: 8:27/mi (partly downhill)

doin’ time: just THREE more recipes to go!!

pork chops with apples and shallots served with nutmeg spinach. i added a bit of maple syrup to the greens in a kathlike attempt to jazz them up a bit. it worked!

i also wanted to show the dessert i’ve been into lately:

such pure, sweet coconutty goodness! shown here with a crumbled dark chocolate square on top . . . yes, taking it to the next level. i highly recommend.