February 13, 2010

a blogging proposal

notice anything? i didn’t!
okay, so STORY TIME! cute, v-day-appropriate story time. wordy (i apologize), but sit back and feel the love . . .

background: a (my supposed-to-be yoga + wine buddy . . . until she got gastroenteritis and i had to work late) has been dating d for over 5 years. while this is nowhere near the longest pre-proposal time-frame amongst my friends (ahem aimeé), it’s impressive. i have been referring to d as a‘s “husband” for years now, always being corrected by a slightly exasperated (but amused) a. the two have been living together, even raising 2 rambunctious puppies into full-grown (very full-grown) dogs. i mean, come on! if that doesn’t say love, what does?

what does this have to do with blogging? well. so only very recently did a find out that i have a blog (yes, this one). i don’t keep it a secret at all — it’s even on my facebook page — but i don’t necessarily advertise it in real life, especially not at work. she was unfazed by my moodiness/anthro + stationery fixation/OCD tendencies apparent on this site (these things are surprising to no one who knows me in real life) and actually started talking to d about starting one of her own.

like josh, d is a surgery resident and found the whole blog thing to be rather hilarious — something very touchy-feely and anti-surgery. i guess he doesn’t know that the shubox‘s 2 biggest fans are surgeons?

fine, no more digressing. so anyway, his proposal to her (much awaited!! but at a random, unexpected moment!) happened 2 days ago and was actually inspired by this blog. to do it, he started a (faux) blog of his very own, which you can see here. and he gives me full credit for the idea.

if you look closely at the picture above, you can see the ring box that he then got down on one knee and proposed with!!

(obvi, she said yes).

!!!! i will consider this my greatest blogging accomplishment. congratulations a + d! and thank you for letting me share your story.

in brief
i am super-excited for my day off tomorrow! it will be the first real period of rest since beginning night float. plans include a long run, generally getting my life back together, and preparing for a MUCH better week next week.



workout: none. by this point i am chomping at the bit to resume my regular routine.

la hacienda: you might think, based on most of my restaurant reviews, that i am super easy-to-please and love everything. but au contraire, my reader. i think i generally just pick GOOD PLACES to go, and really do my research on this. i also think i’m lucky to live in a town with many excellent options.

la hacienda just doesn’t happen to be one of them. it’s a shame, too, because it is one of the few places located less than a mile from our apartment.

but, their food to me just served as a reminder that with lame ingredients, it’s hard to turn out a masterpiece. prices were VERY low, so i guess you get what you pay for (up to a point, of course).

the chips were the best part.
although the negro modelo was tasty, complete with (unpictured) slice of lime
the rest was meh. my quesadilla + josh’s fajitas were greasy, not very flavorful, and just not fresh-tasting.

i felt like i had bathed in a vat of oil by the end, drinking a fair amount of it in the process. ergo, we won’t be going back there any time soon (or ever, unless it’s just for drinks ‘n’ chips!). i will say it did serve 2 purposes:

1) it made me want to renew my vows to lead a healthier lifestyle and not eat things like that!

2) i enjoyed spending the time with my long-lost husband. we still had fun!

[side note: pet peeve of mine is going out with people whose nights are ‘ruined’ by bad food or poor service. you know, the ones who scowl and complain and make everyone else miserable just because they felt miffed by a waiter or got cilantro on their plate when they requested without. i think that unless you get food poisoning and end up vomiting the night away, the social aspect of a meal can still make for a great night no matter what! josh and i could have dined at mcdonalds last night and it would have been okay . . . or perhaps a bit of an improvement 🙂 ) okay, off my soapbox . . .]