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March 22, 2010

new month
march 22 doesn’t exactly scream ‘new beginning’ to most, but it’s the beginning of yet another rotation for me! on friday, i finished with my last block (an entire month of kids with neurodevelopmental issues and genetic disorders — useful but sometimes depressing) and at 3 pm today i’ll be back in the emergency department, diving into 5 weeks of shift work.

the odd hours in the ED don’t bother me too much, except that sometimes i end up having to go days without seeing josh! hate that. however, it’s hard to have too much of an attitude when i’m this close to the end of all of this. i plan on enjoying the random times off (like this morning, for example), getting in as many of the procedures i need as possible (hello, IVs!), and taking it just one day at a time.

anthro update
this weekend was CHOCK FULL of my favorite things! hanging out with allie, a half marathon, anthropologie, time with josh, and even a margarita.

i scored the nautical-looking petite particulars henley on sale. i love how everything made by velvet always feels so soft and luxurious.

i also found a skirt! i had mentioned that i have hard time finding ones that fit right — often they are either TOO pencil (i have hips and short legs and this just doesn’t work) or TOO flouncy for my smallish frame. the bucolic denim skirt was a dream come true — perfectly a-line, fitted but comfortable, and not too poofy.

i plan on wearing the #($*&@# out of it.

restaurant review: dos perros
a slightly upscale mexican eatery located in downtown durham close to the baseball stadium, dos perros has been getting a lot of buzz lately. the weather was GORGEOUS and i really wanted a margarita, so josh and i decided on a whim to check it out on saturday night (even knowing this was probably a less-than-ideal pre-race choice). we were lucky enough to snag a table at 6:15 before the place filled up.

a little durham cityscape. looks pretty decent, huh? we have a tradition in that every time we come to downtown durham, josh talks about how up-and-coming the area is, and i disagree. but i’m actually starting to come around . . .

i was disappointed that there was no real outdoor patio area (i don’t know what i had been expecting!), but the place had its own charm. like my mystery-reviewer silhouette shadow? ha.

carb-loading began with chips. warm, extra-crunchy chips that were a cut above the usual, served with flavorful salsa.

this x about 500. or at least it seemed like it!
my margarita craving was answered . . . and this baby was GOOD. unfortunately, it was gone all too quickly.

we decided to try a jalopeño, mushroom, and queso empanadas for an appetizer.

crispy fried on the outside, and warm and cheesy in the middle, with a piquant tomato-based sauce. we both loved this.
josh’s entree was a slam-dunk: fish (grouper? i forget!) stuffed with shrimp and crab, served with rice and well-seasoned vegetables. i had a bite, and it was fantastic.

sadly, i didn’t choose quite as well. the crab cakes with mango salsa were on the appetizer specials menu, and the description tantalized me with visions of super-seafoody cakes with a mexican twist.

instead, i got bready crabcakes and a somewhat boring sauce that i found a bit too sweet. don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad, but they just weren’t all that special. i’ve made better crabcakes at home. yes, crab is expensive, and perhaps they were trying to keep the price point low (this was just a $9 appetizer). but i would have happily paid more $ for a cake that was more crab, less filler.

due most likely to chip (over)consumption, we were too full for dessert. this was a shame, because:

carrot pudding with walnuts!?!? o.m.g.!
next time. i’d definitely be willing to give dos perros another shot — with the aim of making it to dessert! maybe i’ll try one of their salads next time and avoid chip OD with the goal of leaving some room.

coming up later this week
◆ a fun giveaway!
◆ more formspring answers
◆ next racing/training plans
◆ delving into the happiness project



for my running-nerd friends out there: (and for posterity, of course) — here come yesterday’s race splits! i wasn’t truly ‘racing’, but i did try my best, if that makes sense. i finished with some gas in the tank — but not much. overall, the half was so much fun — it really is my favorite distance! and i’m not really all that sore today.

mile 1: 8:24
mile 2: 7:34 (woah! but, downhill)
mile 3: 8:12 (finding a rhythm)
mile 4: 8:12
mile 5: 8:12 (consistent!)
mile 6: 8:02
mile 7: 7:56 (feeling good!)
mile 8: 8:25 (i think i stopped to drink?)
mile 9: 7:57
mile 10: 8:32 (hurting a little)
mile 11: 8:26 (uphill, too)
mile 12: 8:10 (getting closer)
mile 13: 8:03 (decent finishing effort)
last 0.1: 7:25 (to the finish line!)

according to my polar, final time 1:47:25, total distance 13.14, ave 8:10/mi

the official stats are slightly different — about a minute slower! however, i’m not sure how that can be because i looked at the clock at the finish line and it was just turning 1:48 (yet my the clock time listed is 1:49:something). huh? oh well, whatever. i was happy with my polar’s accuracy overall and neither time is a PR, so it doesn’t really matter anyway!


  • Reply Christi March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I ran that half yesterday too…and my chip time is about a minute slower than my finish time too (according to my measure). A mystery!

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Dos Perros has the clear salsa that looks like Italian dressing! Our favorite New Mexican restaurant when we lived in Albuquerque had that kind of salsa, and I&#39ve never seen it anywhere else. Good choice on dinner.

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