guilt-free saturday

March 20, 2010

la clinica
well, i’m happy that i went to bed at the grandmotherly hour of 9:50 pm on a friday night yesterday, because i feel rested and ready to tackle a busy AM clinic. there are a few weekend assignments (in addition to backup call) that take the luxe factor our of our schedules while we are on electives, but this one isn’t so bad. just a half day of acute care clinic — one 3rd year resident + 1-2 attendings. it’s only a half-day, after all, and it gives you the chance to practice a bit more independently than usual. i actually don’t mind doing it today at all.

plans for the rest of this [beautiful] day

ahhhhhh i love spring in NC!
✔ packet pickup for half marathon on sunday
✔ a li’l stop at anthro on the way back for a quick return and fine, a scout-out of the spring offerings
✔ reunification with josh who has been gone for 3 days
✔ a carb-a-licious dinner somewhere?
RELAXATION TIME. perhaps even by the pool! i don’t plan in time to just CHILL often enough, and today it’s happening.

i think i was a little inspired by mama pea‘s post on guilt — in addition to the self article i wrote about on monday. often i will start a weekend out thinking that saturday i will ‘get everything done’ and sunday will be time to chill, but then i don’t finish everything and never get to the relaxation part.

not this time.

official manifesto for today: i am giving myself permission to sit around and read books and magazines even if the house is not 100% clean, even if i could be doing work, and even if there are errands to be run.


WF party!
allie and i met up for a lovely dinner at whole foods (yes, quite the apropos location, i realize). she interviewed me for a project she is doing (with caroline, no less) and then we of course digressed into the usual blogtastic talk and browsed our favorite store together (well, my favorite store. i think allie might be loyal to TJs).

i ate this lovely salad for dinner while bitching about the duke hospital cafeteria. for this food snob with high standards, there was a lot to say!

i also learned some things about the preparation of hospital meals. did you know they make everything, then COOL it to super-low temps for up to 9 days before reheating and serving it to the patients? i get the necessity of doing this, but wow. who knew?

after some deliberation, we bravely asked erin, a WF employee, to take our picture! i think we were both surprised that she was willing to take one IN the store (don’t they have some sort of strict photo policy?). she told us that we were in luck because she was a photographer (although she didn’t really respond to allie’s idea to ditch the flash).

we are almost the same exact height! i have to say i have a lot of friends close to my size. i don’t think it’s entirely coincidental — maybe something to do with being at the same eye level? plus, sometimes i find REALLY tall women intimidating! is this true for anyone else? of note, the same is not true for tall men.

then again, now that i think about it, i can also think of some of my closest friends who are taller. so maybe never mind. but i think the average would be below the mean . . .




workout: 5 miles outside = and it was HOT! 73* and brightly sunny. i actually (purposefully) didn’t bring my polar and forced myself to just do a super-relaxed pace, since i knew the temps would slow me down and i didn’t want to psych myself out pre-half.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    i don&#39t find tall women all that intimidating. probably because there aren&#39t many that i run into taller than me (i&#39m 5&#3911"). and i think the whole eye-level thing is true to a degree, while i have shorter friends a lot of them are around my height.

    and thanks for mentioning heat = slower pace. especially when i&#39m not acclimated to it! i was just about to beat myself up over it but DUH i didn&#39t bring water on my lr today 🙂 …well not smiley face for me but smiley face for you!

  • Reply faith in food March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    you&#39d be amazed at most of the hospitals in seattle, they offer room service where patients can order anything they want between 7a-7p and its brought to them, even espresso drinks like mochas and lattes! swedish medical center won awards due to its menu and healthy offerings including salmon, asian dishes, amazing salads (that weren&#39t just iceberg) etc. they reall have it going on up there :p

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