into the dark

March 29, 2010

nightlife . . . again
today begins a two-week stretch of late-night shifts. this week it’s all about the 6p – 2a — a shift that i actually somewhat like, because at least you still get to go home when it’s dark out, yet there are many pre-work hours to play and/or be productive. over the weekend, we work longer shifts, so i’ll be 7p – 7a (bah, but at least i’ll get this out of the way), and then next week i have 4 11p – 7a shifts.

luckily, i was able to make a trade to avoid having a monster block of 7 shifts in a row! thursday will be off, which will be quite a palate-cleanser in the midst of all of the bizarre hours.

i feel relatively prepared going into this nocturnal battle: importantly, the fridge is stocked, and i have a good (but not unmanageable) list of things i need to get done (passport! tailor! research! studying!) so that i don’t entirely wile away the precious daylight time.

today = double header of clinic, and then the aforementioned 6p – 2a shift. luckily my schedule has just one more of these relatively painful combos! it’s not that it’s THAT many hours (14 total at the max), it’s just mentally exhausting.

running stuff
so the results for this weekend’s 5K came out and i get to revise my PR time from 22:59 (gun time) –> 22:52 (chip time)! all right! of course, now i want to see if i can beat that with some dedicated training. no specific plans yet, though.

i celebrated saturday’s success by exchanging my shoes. i didn’t keep very careful track of when i got my last pair, but i think they probably have at least 400 miles on them. check out the difference in wear pattern above!

also: dear NC, please don’t skip right over spring! i was really, really enjoying it. i am not ready to run in the heat, and i don’t think that in april i should have to. thank you for your consideration . . .

tastes of blogland
is there really anything better than a surprise package in the mail? especially if it’s filled with treats from one of your favorite bloggers? lately i’ve been enjoying delicious creations from TWO amazing writers/food photographers/chefs . . .

granola bars from allie! [in my mind, i call them AllieBars]

she gave these to me in person rather than in the mail, but i wanted to give these amazing bars the compliments they deserve. soft, chewy, pecan-packed, and sweetened JUST the right amount — i made short work of this guy pre-run yesterday. i see a bright future for these bars!

the actual through-the-mail surprise came from heather of hangrypants fame. [ed note: when josh asked earnestly and without prompting, “is that heather from hangrypants?” i was reminded once again of how i married the right man.]

inspired by jess and crafted by heather: vegan oatmeal-tahini cookies!
crispy, wholesome-tasting, and full of interesting flavor, these were such a fun surprise! it’s so cool to think that someone that i know mostly from on-line now has an edible presence in my kitchen.

so i was thinking . . . anyone up for an online baking exchange? i’m not sure how the best way would be to organize this, but it might be a fun spring diversion.

coming up this week!
[FYI: i do this portion more to remind myself than to tantalize you all with upcoming features!]

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workout: 8.36 miles (i didn’t feel like rounding it out!) at average 9:05/mi pace (although really i need to calibrate my footpod again since i switched shoes). LOVED running to the sound opinions
podcast, maybe even more than this american life . . .

real(ly) simple dinner: i turned to real simple for a couple of super-easy recipes for this week. last night’s salmon with green beans, almonds, and capers fit the bill wonderfully (recipe on the sidebar if interested!).

using a moderate amount of butter (rather than my usual olive oil) made this dish. in my opinion, sometimes a little saturated fat is worth it!