rolling with the punches

March 24, 2010

is all i can say right now. what an adventure! i suppose i might as well recount . . .

so i have a day off today (AND TOMORROW!?!? don’t worry, i’ll be paying for this later), and was enjoying a lovely, rather leisurely spring morning. i began bright and early, attending a morning conference with a visiting endocrinology guru that was interesting (and got me so excited for the world i’ll be entering in just a few months!). and then, i headed to run some errands.

josh needed his contacts picked up from costco, which is in the same direction of work, so i swung by. but: apparently the costco employees enjoy their leisurely mornings as well, because the store doesn’t open until 10! i decided to kill some time by browsing the ROSS nearby — after all, who knew? it seemed like an auspicious day; perhaps a precious designer jewel in my size was hidden amongst the racks of last-season polyester monstrosities.

nah. there wasn’t. but i was tickled to find a treasure trove of fun (and CHEAP) kitchen stuff! check it:

magnetic clips for the fridge. for invites, notes for josh, and the like

mini silicon spatulas that i needed. just because.

heart molds for pancakes/eggs. that i probably didn’t need, but um, wanted.

fit & fresh salad container that i’ve coveted for a while!

it has a chamber to hold dressing and an ice pack for cooling.

lunch set on the cheap, also from fit & fresh

you all know i love my laptop lunchbox, but not everything lends itself to this bento-style set. sandwiches, for one, do not fit, and the laptop set is best for items that don’t require heating. this alternative is BPA free and i think it will get good use! (plus, maybe SOMEDAY josh will let me pack him lunch. i would perhaps need to come up with a manlier looking container for him, though.

yeah, that might suffice.

zen morning
anyway, there was more to my story than cute kitchenware + containers (which i think might fall into the category of things i hoard, along with notebooks and anthropologie dresses). i was feeling all pleased with myself when i pranced out of the store — after all, what a great jump start on the day!

and then my car wouldn’t start.

now, i’m no stranger to this experience. my VW is not the most reliable — and i probably had it coming, given that the check engine light has been on for (gulp) months now. but it’s still never a welcome feeling to be STUCK somewhere with an undriveable vehicle! i fought the urge to get really mad (or worse, teary) and calmly dialed AAA.

the rest is pretty boring — 90 minutes or so later, i was in a rental car driving home, my car in line to be fixed (and my wallet to be emptied). but my day hadn’t been ruined! instead of freaking out about the whole thing, i decided to just be grateful that this had happened:

β–  on a day off
β–  somewhere (relatively) safe
β–  on a day when i had my wallet with me (i don’t always!)

yes, it will be $$$, but it’s only money, right? and i can’t expect an 8.5 year old car with 83,000 miles on it to be maintenance-free.

ANYWAY: i am somewhat proud of how i handled this little annoyance. i may not have reached buddha status yet, but perhaps i’m getting there.

and while we’re on the topic of zen
i really liked this guide to eating mindfully from zen habits. the post is actually a guest piece written by jules clancy, who writes a minimalist home cooking blog the stone soup. check out his list of the site’s top 20 salads — i want to make them all!

one last note
welcome if you’ve stopped in from anthroholic! and for those of you that don’t know about kim’s lovely anthro-focused fashion blog, you should check it out. i LOVE her sense of style and overall look, and feel honored to be gracing her site with my reader outfit!



workout: 4.5 miles on the TM (40 minutes) + weights
ohhhh i felt weak. it’s amazing how much my muscles seem to atrophy after just a couple of weeks slacking off of my relatively minimal weights workouts!

– 2 x 10 pushups
– 2 x 12 squats with tricep press (12 lb)
– 2 x 12 lat pull-downs (55 lbs)
– 2 x 10 walking double lunges (8 lbs)
– 2 x 8 lateral/forward raises with lunge
– 2 x 15 bicycle crunches

reading: has been unacceptably missing. i need to start studying for boards. i think i’ll go straight from ‘publish post’ to some PREP questions!