and, we’re off!

May 29, 2010

CIN city?
we’re here! and i am tired. back in NC pre-flight, i posed for the camera and josh — referring to my fatigued appearance and overall disheveled/disoriented look — commented, “you look like ke$ha.”

harsh, but fair enough. except instead of brushing my teeth with a bottle of jack, i had some oatmeal at the airport sbux (kath, i thought of you the whole time!). i’m like ke$ha’s boring, wholesome older sister.

the (nice!) airport welcomed us to kentucky! a whole store devoted to the blue grass state!? i was impressed.

more splendor awaited us at the rental car center where they told us we could pick — get this — any car. “even the jeeps,” they said. azusa couldn’t contain herself.

normally we avoid gas-guzzlers, but we have a fairly big group and luggage to tote, so RED jeep it was.

looks like our trip is off to a good start . . . note how well my bag coordinates with the hotel decor.

also, as an aside: is there ever an age that you reach where the free mini-toiletries cease to be exciting? clearly 30 is not it.

ooh, sea kelp.

the packing paradox
yesterday a friend remarked (quite wisely, i thought) that packing is one those tasks that just expands to fill the time allotted for it. and to be honest, while i’m great at the list-making part of planning out what to bring on a trip, the actual gathering-it-up-and-putting-it-into-a-suitcase part tends to be somewhat agonizing for me. i tend to leave it until the last minute and always panic that i’m going to leave something essential behind (and fairly often, this actually happens).

yesterday, catherine (who writes a great blog complete with cooking project that totally brings me back to doin’ time) requested some blog-coverage of the packing process. i admit i was totally flattered by the request — but have little to show for myself other than my usual power tool:

yes, it’s a LIST. i know: not very original or exciting! but i started doing day-by-day planning of outfits to bring on vacation last year, and haven’t looked back. it actually helps me a lot to avoid under or overpacking, AND takes ‘what will i wear today?’ out of the equation each morning.

once i have my list, the packing part is fairly easy – and i always layer things in the order that i plan on wearing them to making living from a suitcase more convenient. i still managed to procrastinate enough on this seemingly simple task to end up with a very truncated night of sleep last night, though. so if this text is dopey and rambling . . . well, that’s why. time for a nap!