big night

May 31, 2010

not up in the air
our flight to st. maarten is a little delayed (so far: 1 hour). however, with wireless internet available (for a fee), i’m actually fine with having a little break to stretch out and share picturs from yesterday’s wedding extravaganza! but before we headed out to celebrate in style, a bunch of us checked out some butterflies at the krohn conservatory.

there was an exhibit featuring japanese garden traditions, including an ‘insects as pets’ segment with some cheery anime-style friends nestled in the greenery.

if you look closely, you’ll see that this old bonsai and i have something in common . . .

this butterfly was like a feather in josh’s cap!

while this one showed excellent taste. i think orla would approve.

soon after the butterfly fest it was wedding time! the bride, emily, is one of my best friends from williams. she happens to be both a brilliant chemist and eagle-eyed designer bargain shopper. also, we have almost the same handwriting.

look at this gorgeous woman . . .and her gorgeous DRESS!

+ manolos. beyond fabulous.

josh and i posed for a shot — unfortunately some smudginess on the lens will prevent this from being on next year’s new year’s card! but i’m posting it anyway.

freshman roommate shot! me + the lovely azusa.

shoe fun! i wore white ones and it wasn’t quite memorial day . . . don’t tell stacey london.

all of williams girls . . .

look how happy.

i took one look at this amazing tray and declared it blogworthy:

and dinner was just as delicious. scallops all around!

and, as usual, we tore it up on the (tiny) dance floor. meredeth and i rocking it to gaga:

what. a. night.

and we’re off
and . . . while i’ve been typing this, they changed our flight to make it LESS delayed! i didn’t know that ever happened. time to change gears and start the R E L A Xing part of the trip. i’m so enamored with the concept that i’ve decided to make it this week’s happiness project goal. more on this later! it’s boarding time . . .

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  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Looks like such a great time. I remember my roommate&#39s wedding being a blast.

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