HLS 2010

May 19, 2010

last august, i decided on a whim to attend the 2009 healthy living summit. i read multiple healthy-living themed blogs, had (sort of) one of my own, and thought it would be fun to meet others with a similar hobby/mission.

turns out — it was a wonderful experience, and i had a great time! i met so many awesome bloggers, and got to spend time with friends i already knew (+ loved).

i was so jazzed when i got back that i wrote three recaps:
tastes of the HLS
learning at the HLS
favorites at the HLS

call for speakers
i can’t believe nearly a year has gone by since those posts, but HLS 2010 is already coming up!

this year, the summit coordinators sent out a call for speakers . . . and one of the suggested topics caught my eye, big-time. i immediately sent out the proposal below, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best!

Time Management and Organization:
I just spend the last 3 years of my life working as a resident in pediatrics. Translation: many 80 hour work weeks, 30 hour shifts, and overall many obstacles to living the healthy lifestyle that is so valuable to all of us. In fact, many of my colleagues remark that they ‘don’t have time’ to work out or cook healthy meals — and while I know that it is challenging, I have been able to fit these things in (including running a marathon and many other races, cooking through an entire healthy cookbook, and taking the time to blog about it daily) without really sacrificing much. It has been a process of trial and error, but through years of learning to plan, organize, and power my way through it, I feel like I’ve achieved a healthy balanced and learned some valuable lessons on how to do so that could help others.

I would give a talk that goes through several strategies for how to do these things. Included would be practical tips on meal planning (such as those covered in my carrots ‘n’ cake guest post about a year ago), fitting in workouts in a way that fits YOUR life, and some strategies for organizing (in particular, some tips and highlights i have picked up from sources such as getting things done, the website zen habits, and my current fixation, the happiness project).

A note: While my job’s demands are at times quite rough, I know that we are ALL busy, and therefore there are many who would be qualified to give this talk! I simply find this topic a very interesting one and have done a lot of reading and thinking about it. I also enjoy organizing and giving talks — a skill we work on quite frequently during medical training — and I think I would make a good speaker for that reason as well.

I don’t have a specific proposal to speak WITH anyone specifically — however, if someone were to pitch something similar I would be very happy to team up, especially since this is an area where I think different perspectives are valuable.

about a week ago, i got the exciting news that my proposal was accepted! i will be speaking with fellow organizers/time managers kath and morgan, who i am super-excited to work with and meet. our excerpt in the program:

i can’t wait! now i just have to get my act back together so i can make sure i’m practicing what i preach.

anyone reading planning on attending the HLS this year?
if you are on the fence, i say go for it based on my experience last year! tickets go on sale here tonight at 9 pm.