out on the town

May 30, 2010

a taste of cincinnati
well, we tasted cincinnati yesterday — a hot and sticky adventure!

spring rolls, meat-filled purses, fried pickles, haagen-dazs sample, falafel wrap, california roll

this was just a sampling of the options for sale at the long, crowded, and noisy street lined with restaurant-sponsored booths in downtown cincinnati yesterday.

the food wasn’t really anything that exciting (although the ice cream was delicious!), but the sights were pretty entertaining:

don’t squeeze the charmin . . .

squeeze the naked cowboy instead!

in all seriousness, i think that cincinnati is a pretty fun and interesting place. and i still remember the hills from the flying pig marathon (josh and i ran it in 2006).

oh, what a night
after pre-gaming with mini-bottles of champagne (♥), the williams crew hit the town. well, to be more precise, we hit the rookwood pottery, a sort of gastropub with good food, fun drinks, and old kilns to hang out in.

williams ’02: azusa, moi, vickie, emily, aimée, and nicole

i think we all looked pretty cute but emily the bride put us all to shame in a spectacular phillip lim frock and sparkling manolos (unfortunately, not visible in this photo).

WEDDING tonight! off to toast and celebrate a couple with real chemistry

(they’re both chemists.)

((yeah, i know. sorry.))



run report: i got in a 4-miler on friday, and 5 yesterday at the hotel gym. it is amazing how a run can bring me from feeling totally sluggish to refreshed! this might sound odd, but since i normally have to rush to pack workouts into my days, i am looking forward to relaxed and enjoyable vacation workouts this week.