pity party + a friday find

May 7, 2010

not quite there
i’m definitely still sick. honestly, if i worked any sort of normal job, i would plan on staying home today to pad around my apartment leaving a trail of tissues. i would drink tea, and if we had a TV, i would watch daytime talk shows to wile away the hours until my immune system finished pummeling the #*$&@# out of this URI.

don’t worry, it’s not strep pneumo.
but: i do not work a normal job, and there is an unspoken expectation that unless one has a high fever or is spewing bodily fluids via the GI tract (either end), one sucks it up and goes to work. don’t worry, i’ll be washing my hands every 30 seconds and wearing a mask in all of my patient’s rooms. although to be fair, these measures don’t seem to protect ME from getting what THEY have!

when i’m on ward months, i tend to want to shop more than other times. it’s as if i say to myself, “hey, self! you’re working hard. and therefore, you deserve a prize!”. sometimes, this results in expansion of the ol’ anthro dress collection. fortunately for our bank account, i found a cheaper thrill this AM:

i realize that only a TRUE, HARDCORE NERD could get all hot and bothered about a clipboard.

but i’m okay with that. and while $25 may be steep for stationery, paper is a cheap thrill compared to other indulgences.

if you’re looking for a friday treat for yourself, check out vickery.com, the site i discovered this AM where i purchased the little pick-me-up above. they also have clothes, gifts, and yoga gear (!) with an emphasis on sustainability and simplicity.

i like the organic earth tee below, though i think $65 for a tee shirt is a little much.

their yoga gear (such as this prana top) looks quite nice as well:

however, i think i should be required to actually be DOING yoga regularly before i make any aspirational purchases.

happy friday! i am going to try to make the best of mine despite feelings of grossness.



workout: i worked up a sweat having fevers last night! that counts, right?

clean eating recipe: i was not in any shape for cooking post-call yesterday, but (to my surprise and delight) josh felt like putting together the recipe i had planned. i heard him say something like “this is so healthy i can’t even stand it” while mixing the bulgur, celery, apples, and yogurt-based sauce (recipe here).

sick-person sized portion
it looked pretty (and certainly was healthy!) but to be honest i have no idea whether this was good or not. everything tastes like nothing to me right now.