just another day

June 2, 2010

in paradise?
or something close to it. but first, i need to post a clarification: susan, that new jersey comment was in no way meant to say that hawaii has anything to do with this:

josh and i both LOVED hawaii (we went to maui and the big island) — pretty much everything about it! i just meant that both hawaii and new jersey feature dollar bills, the english language, accessible running paths, and subpar yogurt, while st. martin has euros, french, and fantastic yogurt πŸ™‚ this island adventure reminds me more of my post-grad jaunt around europe than it does our hawaiian honeymoon.

breakfast time
since i can’t seem to stop talking about the yogurt, i might as well show you what i mean:

don’t be deceived by appearances: those tiny little yoplait containers in the upper right of this picture house some of the most delicious stuff in the world, as far as i’m concerned. lots of fat = a lovely mild taste and perfect texture.

part of this complete island breakfast!

morning activities
this guy is still buried in his book:

he’s writing things out and everything! looks like homework to me . . . but he appears to be enjoying himself.

whereas i am enjoying a leisurely version of my normal morning:


the beach beckons
time to get outside! looks like a decent day:

but first, a massage. we are both indulging in this vacation pleasure, and josh is being rubbed down as i type this. i will try to channel the relaxing vibes across the blogosphere!

question for you: what’s the most relaxing trip you’ve ever taken? this one definitely takes the cake thus far for me.