nap vs. post

June 13, 2010

torn in two directions
i have a strong desire to hit the couch right now for a nap, but it doesn’t feel like a real sunday morning until i’ve posted something. though please don’t get the impression i’ve been lazing up until now between the sheets — on the contrary, i was at our community hospital for hopefully the final time (ever!) rounding in NICU babies.

however, i’ve been released, and if i can overlook the bags under my eyes and the high of 96 with storms in the forecast, it’s a beautiful summer sunday!

hopefully not too ambitious plans
■ laundry (as always)
■ generalized clean-up
■ 20 minutes core yoga
■ 7-8 mile run (at the gym — i’m not trying to get heat stroke!)
■ grocery planning & pilgrimage
■ book HLS plane tix and hotel
■ dental insurance paperwork

even though i’m trying to keep it down to the essentials, that list is looking pretty long to me right now. and the nap is sounding oh-so-nice . . . we’ll see how this pans out.

tabs at blogspot!
i’ve been jealous for so long of you bloggers with your lovely wordpress pages, complete with pretty tabs at the top with useful headings like “about me” and “recipes” and “goals” and the like. after all, when i check out a new site, these are the things that i click through!

my about me is hard to find, outdated (oops — well, that part is purely my fault), and i have no pages, because there was no easy way to do this through blogger. this morning, a new feature popped up and it looks like there are now templates with tab capability! in addition, there are some new, very customizable templates that will certainly spruce this site up a bit (the header is staying, though).

once i figure all of that out, i am excited to give this very 2005-looking site a mini-facelift. complete with tabs. but now i’m left with the dilemma of which tabs to include!

ideas include:
about (duh)
run (to contain links to my running story, race reports, and training plan info)
life (happiness project)
plan (organization info)
cook (link to recipes/cooking highlights)
eat (links to restaurant reviews in the triangle)

other ideas from seasoned tab-makers (or tab-clickers)? i probably won’t really get started on any of this until next weekend, but i’m looking forward to making it happen!

lifestyle adventures
perhaps i spoke too soon when i reported no change in my body after a luxurious indulgent week in st. maarten. maybe i was just still too blissed out to notice, or the extra vacation calories just hadn’t yet made their way to their final destinations — which ended up being, unfortunately, nowhere i wanted them to go.

in any case, somehow i’ve landed smack in the middle of beach and tank top season feeling a bit out of shape and just a little — shall we say, fluffier than usual. on some ladies, voluptuous works:

miss kim kardashian, who i think is gorgeous
but on moi — not quite the same effect. all this is probably noticeable to no one but myself, but i still can’t say it makes me feel my absolute best.

so: while i have no drastic plans in place, i think i need to reign in my vacation eating mentality and refocus on whole, fresh foods. luckily, i’ll be home for the next couple of months and the farmer’s market is full of a delicious (and healthy) bounty.

gratuitous food shot

simple post-work brunch: local free-range eggs, my mom’s homemade whole grain toast & spinach. i think michael pollan would probably put this in the ‘food’ category.


  • Reply Susannah March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    The toast looks great–any way you could post the recipe?

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    can&#39t wait to read all the tabs! a nap is looking pretty good to me too. if you can actually take a nap (i can&#39t because sleep in daylight is a no go — so sad!) then go for it 🙂

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I personally vote for napping when ther&#39s a choice

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