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August 6, 2010

thank you
for sharing your thoughts yesterday. i think it is interesting that many of us seem to harbor the same reaction — a pang of jealousy/”where’s my book deal?”, but NOT any sort of malcontent or begrudging of others’ successes!

the one reaction that surprised me was that several of you mentioned thinking of my career trajectory as glamorous.

perhaps . . . but only when barbie is doing it!
it certainly doesn’t feel quite so glamorous from this end, but i will say it is interesting getting to meet quite a balanced cross-section of society (because diabetes doesn’t discriminate much!) and it is fun learning every day.

totally UNglamorous aspects include being on call, wearing ugly shoes (okay, actually i refuse to do this), and occasionally getting peed on while peering into a baby’s diaper (although i’ve only be truly showered once, and was luckily wearing scrubs at the time!).

HLS announcement
while this site may not fit the classic healthy living blogger mold (and it sounds like most of you are down with that), i like that i can take a peripheral position in that community, embracing the aspects of that style that DO fit what i enjoy writing about.

as i mentioned, i will be speaking with kath (example of a successful blogger who is wonderful in person and who i am 100% sincerely happy for!) and morgan (who i am super-excited to meet) on time management and organization at the HLS next week.

i know that several of you are going, so i am excited to announce that i arranged for a couple of very shubox-esque freebies:

an array of 2011 planners (um, i wonder if it is okay if i select one from the bunch??) from exaclair, maker of my beloved space 24 as well as a whole variety of other gorgeous stationery products


3 signed copies of the happiness project!!

ahhh. it’s not a free trip or gala event, but if i can spread around happiness and my favorite paper, then in some small way i feel i have made it.

my favorite ‘what’s in your bag?’ post ever
by my alter-ego (and close friend who i adore) vickie.

check it out for a generous dose of orla and a degree of organization that i can only dream of.

(SIDE NOTE: v i am extremely proud of you for getting this far in the year with just one planner! the graphic image must be a winner.)



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + ~25 minutes mostly lower body weights

in the kitchen: leftovers! and non-photogenic ones, at that.

project report: i’m doing okay! board prep is on schedule, my grant application is pretty much ready, and the HLS talk is up to the editing stage. i will be spending a good chunk of the weekend on work, but i will make up for that next weekend at the summit!


  • Reply vickie March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    thanks for the link love!!! i am most proud of your project report – you definitely have made tons of headway into a lot of daunting tasks! i never got to comment on your great mature version of our college money-themed no-shopping manifestos.

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Good work getting everything accomplished on an already tight schedule… although I never had any doubts ;). On a side note, I never really gotten the book deal jealousy thing because I have NO IDEA what I would write a book about.

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