weekend wrap-up

September 7, 2010

close quarters
it has been a fun and busy weekend with family. i was really glad to get to spend time with my parents, since we don’t see them all that much these days (i still talk to them on the phone at least weekly, though). however, (and mom + dad, puh-LEEZ don’t take this personally, because it’s not!) — i am craving my own space back! our one-bedroom apartment is just not really meant to be a 4-person hotel suite. someday when i have a home with an actual guest room (and guest bathroom), i will be the best hostess ever.

to my guests’ credit, they did everything one could possibly do to not wreak havoc on our little box of living quarters. they were even complacent when i declared yesterday was ‘a regular day’ and that i needed to do laundry and go grocery shopping (my mom accompanied me to whole foods). this morning, they are still in vacation mode and will fly back to philadelphia for several more days of relaxation and i am headed back to work (though at least i’m not on call – that would have been bad). i will miss them, crowded kitchen and all!

yesterday we headed to the local multiplex to see two personalized movie selections: inception for josh + my dad (i had already seen it) and eat, pray, love for my mom + me. i thought it was sort of bad but still quite enjoyable (a category which includes, among other things, most top 40 music, slightly stale leftover pizza, and mass-market chocolate).

bonus: while waiting for inception to finish, i happened upon THIS . . .

a previously undiscovered stationery store!
it was closed, but i am SO going back to this place. with a clairefontaine sign in the window, i know i won’t be disappointed!

tower indian
afterwards, we all headed for one last dinner out at tower indian, a vegetarian restaurant featuring south indian cuisine in cary. it’s one of my sister’s favorite places and has the benefit of location, located about halfway between her apartment in raleigh and ours in chapel hill. when we arrived, it was filled with indian families enjoying a labor day dinner — surely a good sign!

a few highlights:

eggplant curry
lentil ‘doughnuts’. i thought they were like indian hush puppies!
mutter paneer with rice
not pictured is my favorite item, the gunpowder masala dosa. flatbread stuffed with potatoes and a salty (but delicious) indian spice mix. yum!

my only complaint about indian cuisine (at least at restaurants) is that it can be quite rich and i find it hard to practice portion control because the flavors are just THAT exotic and good! i always leave feeling like i should have stopped several bites ago. maybe someday i’ll learn.

thanks to my flexible houseguests yesterday, i feel pretty ready to begin the new week. i am actually headed in a little early this morning to get a jump on things since i can only imagine how consults and such may have piled up over the weekend. (yes, i said ‘may’ because i have consciously RESISTED checking labs, looking at our census lists or opening up my work email for the past 3 days!).

i would even venture to say i feel a bit refreshed by the short break! how do you plan on getting back into things this morning? easing in, or head first?



weekend workout recap:
friday: early AM XT (35 minutes elliptical) + weights
saturday: 4 mile run + hike
sunday: 10 mile run @ 9:15/mi pace in CH
monday: XT (35 minutes elliptical) + weights again

board prep: restarts tonight! i’ll try to have those study tips (since it was requested) tomorrow. and then i will try to follow my own advice . . .


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Mmm, that Indian food looks amazing! We just got a new Indian place in northwest Arkansas that is pretty good – but no matter paneer on the buffet yet.

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    you know what they say about house guests and this is not meant personally. "After 3 days even a good piece of fish starts to smell"

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