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November 21, 2010

the breakfast challenge: DNF
i am lucky not to have hit the wall in any of the marathons i have run. but i am a little sheepish to report — well, this:

bonking on my very own breakfast challenge
honestly, NOTHING else sounded appealing to me this morning! i succumbed to my breakfast addiction, and i’m going to have to make peace with my choice. the challenge wasn’t all for naught, though. i did enjoy a variety of morning meals this week, some of which may earn a place in regular rotation:

simple yogurt bowl
pumpkin overnight oats
turbocharged cereal
homemade pumpkin bread
whipped peanut butter & banana oat bran

but in the end, my old favorite still reigns supreme. and maybe that’s okay.

[ONE] meadowmont
last night, josh and i dined at [ONE], a relative newcomer to the chapel hill restaurant scene. they are affiliated with four square, which is one of our durham favorites, so i was pretty much expecting a great experience.

and i felt like [ONE] met or exceeded all expectations! the layout was very different: a big, brightly lit open kitchen takes up the center of the restaurant, so you can watch meals being prepped as you wait. it almost made me feel a bit guilty for sitting on my butt while the cooks rushed around so purposefully! the overall vibe of the restaurant is modern and fairly casual. i liked it, though josh opined that he prefers a calmer and more traditional dining environment (such as that at four square or rue cler).

we each enjoyed a glass of wine with our meals; i chose a crisp new zealand sauvignon blanc, which went beautifully with our appetizer:

romaine salad with quinoa-apricot cabbage rolls
the above creation tasted like something that i might make out of clean eating — and i mean that as a compliment. it was a fresh, nicely spiced dish that actually tasted healthy.

after our appetizer, our server brought this focaccia out — i thought it was their twist on the bread basket, but they also brought some cheddar-jalopeno bread later in the meal (perhaps they knew they had a carb queen at the table).

warm, chewy, slightly salty focaccia with olive oil
i had a hard time choosing what i wanted for my entrée! i was tempted by their soup choices (pumpkin-corn chowder? blue crab lemongrass?!), but ultimately opted for the special, because a) it sounded unusual and b) truffles were involved.

venison ravioli with roasted garlic and truffles
this was earthy and savory and felt just right for the season, even if it was 65 degrees out earlier in the day! josh made an equally delicious choice:

squid ink tagliatelle with seafood in a cream sauce
i had a bite of this and was very impressed! it was incredibly flavorful, and the noodles had that lovely bite that only handmade pasta can provide.

we both considered dessert, but in the end i decided i was a bit too full, and josh felt similarly. slightly tragic, because they had a macaroon dessert on the menu! it had strawberry balsamic sorbet and pistachios, and i am assuming that this was a french-style macaron (which i have YET TO TRY!!!) rather than the american coconutty variety. next time, i will save room so that i can find out for sure!

come one, come all!
announcing blogger bash at our place, version 2.0. if you live nearby, please come join josh & me for a casual winter get-together!

date & time: saturday december 11, 7:00 pm

place: chapel hill (but close to durham). email me and i will give you specifics!

eats: i will make a big pot o’ chili (vegan & carnivorous options!) with plenty of fixings, plus some accompaniments (yet TBD). and of course, we’ll have festive beverages on hand. if you like, you are welcome to bring something to add to the spread.

i’ve emailed some of you, but essentially if you are nearby and can prove you are not a crazy stalker or serial killer, you are invited.



workout: 9 mile long run! this was sort of an accident; i was just going to do 6, but 6 turned into 7, and then i figured i might as well make yesterday my long run day. average pace 9:21/mi in the hills of CH.

grant update: i SO did not get done what i had planned yesterday, so today truly is a working day for me. i need to get through a bunch of this stuff so that i can enjoy my vacation — good motivation!


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  • Reply RunningOnCoffee March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Your dinner out looked FANTASTIC…the appetizer and both of your entrees. It&#39s nice to see there are bloggers out there who DO eat meat and seafood 🙂

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    I did note the O.K. motif on the breakfast plate

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Hehehe, I would call your breakfast mission a success. You forced yourself to try it out, and decided you were just right all along without even knowing it. :-p

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