simple pleasures

November 20, 2010

elements of a good morning:
♥ sleeping ‘late’, alarm-free (hey, it was light when i got up!)

♥ knowing that i have work to do, but time to do it

♥ sparkling sun and a high of 67〫

♥ acting on a boot tip-off from melissa:

these may or may not work, but since zappos offers free shipping in BOTH directions, i have nothing to lose!
♥ a fun dinner-date at a new (to us) restaurant to look forward to:

a little sneak preview of the menu — looks wonderful.
if any locals can guess where we are headed, i will be impressed!

♥ an HTP-inspired breakfast for the challenge:

i used this somewhat pricey/indulgent liberté goat yogurt as the base. don’t knock it until you try it — it is mellow and silky and delicious.
yes, oats can be enjoyed raw!

AM food for thought
i enjoyed the latest happiness project post on measuring and recording.

she addresses a few of the down-sides of being too fixated on measurements and to-dos, including the idea that it may stifle the ability to really immerse oneself in experiences. however, she ultimately concludes:

“Maybe there’s something you’d like to change in your life — to get more of something good or less of something bad. Try this: figure out a very concrete way to measure and track it. By counting the things that count — and pushing yourself to find a way to count the things that seem as if they can’t be counted — you make sure they’re part of your life.”

not a surprise, considering her project! probably also not a surprise, i tend to agree. but i do see both sides! any deep saturday thoughts?



workout: 35 minutes elliptical intervals plus superquick upper body strength circuit (pushups, tricep dips, rows, bicep curls)

the omelette chef was in top form last night, but i didn’t snap a photo! too bad, because his brie and basil creation was beautiful.


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