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January 16, 2011

around the town
yesterday was lovely! i took vickie and travis on a very selective tour of the triangle.

powering up to go . . .

these two are caf-fiends!
and then somehow we found ourselves at guglhupf where THIS happened:

yes, we ate well.
josh took a classic shot of us outside the restaurant:

love posing with vickie because i know i won’t end up looking 2 feet tall
and THEN we did something i’ve been meaning to do for a long time . . .

my expression does not adequately convey the unbridled glee i was experiencing at office supplies & more
i don’t know how long we spent in this chapel hill stationery store, but it was a while! the setup isn’t super-glamorous, but the shop is a treasure trove for paper or pen lovers (i am mostly the former . . .obvs). it was like the daily planner catalog had come to life! if you live in the area and are anywhere as nerdy as i am into these sorts of things, i definitely suggest you check it out.

the carnage was fairly minimal:

sweet, sweet graph paper
don’t worry, some of these are gifts.

we continued our shopping tour of chapel hill, chatting nonstop as we made stops at nested, details, uniquities (they were having a sample sale!!), and kitchenworks. it was such a fun afternoon!

and in the evening
it was bittersweet sending v + t on their way, but i pulled myself together because we had a lovely dinner with liv and stevo planned. they had invited us over for sushi, and requested that i make a japanese side dish.

i’m not sure if it’s authentically japanese, but the first that popped into my head was gliding calm tofu!

once again, this recipe did not let me down. i think everyone liked it judging from the empty plate!

our gracious hosts (they JUST got engaged — yay!) went all out, making both homemade sushi and summer rolls with peanut sauce.

mmmmmmmmmm . . . love these
and these too!
the conversation just flowed all evening and we ended up hanging out on their couch for a while, sipping tea and sampling mochi.

liv getting cozy with their wonderful dog bubba
it was such a fun and relaxing night! i can’t wait to have these two over here soon.

quiet. slow. relaxed. it’s a catch-up day!

yep, that about covers it
note to self: just because the tasks listed above are on the mundane side doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy every moment of it. i hope you are enjoying your weekend, too!



workout: 43 minute run in chapel hill (yeah, i exceeded my allowance by a smidge, but whatever. it was glorious!)


  • Reply Jimjamjenny March 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    That recipe doesn&#39t seem to be that authentically Japanese to me – in Japanese cooking tofu is normally just added in plain, I&#39ve never seen a Japanese recipe which calls for Tofu to be marinaded.

    It does sound lovely though! I might have to try making it.

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    jimjamjenny: i think you&#39re right! we can just call it asian fusion 🙂

  • Reply Siobhan Brady March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    it looks like you are having a wonderful weekend!! i am so happy to see you having fun and enjoying the slower pace of life. as always – i miss you loads… would love to chat sometime if you are around 🙂 (esp. to hear about all your new exciting lab work!!)

  • Reply Susan Mc March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Love this post on SO many levels!!
    I&#39ve been a fan of Vicki&#39s ever since her brilliant dissection of planner virtues. Your shopping trip = heaven! I need to investigation similar shops in ATL, online is great and all, but to touch the paper is so much better!
    I see you picked up the FAB Clairefontaine colored graph notebook that I own 3 of thanks to you… I now love graph paper for my to-do&#39s (I can also thank you for my 2011 Space 24 and Redken 12… Orly Kiely is still on the wish list!) Waiting to try JetPens, I&#39m still obsessed with Muji Gels, thanks to Miss Vicki! Your pics together are SO cute, looks like a great weekend and HOLLA to Bubba… gotta love a 93 pound lap dawg!

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