February 25, 2011

i don’t have too much time to post today, since i have clinic in raleigh this morning and i want to a) work out and b) finish packing before i head over there. i have seen this little meme floating around lately — chelsea, and heather, and jess, thanks for the inspiration!

A. age: 30. interestingly, it turns out that 30 feels . . . pretty much just like 27.

B. bed size: queen. and i like to spread out and take up approximately 75% of it =D

C. chore you hate: i really try NOT to hate chores — i mean, i know i have to do them, and pain is inevitable, suffering it optional, you know? but i could do without taking out the trash/recycling. (to those of you who answered “folding laundry” –> that’s my favorite!! i’ll come over and do yours!)

D. dogs: i’m not really a dog lover, but west highland terriers have a special place in my heart . . . especially the puppies!

just try not to smile . . . [source]
E. essential start to your day: i feel like there are many essential starts to my day, but coffee is a non-negotiable requirement.

F. favorite color: i’m going to steal my sister-in-law’s answer on this one and say: striped!

G. gold or silver: platinum, duh. no, in actuality, aside from my wedding rings i have so little jewelry that i can barely answer this question, but i don’t have anything gold so i’d have to say silver.

H. height: 5’1″, on a good day. 5’5″ in my highest shoes!

I. instruments you play(ed): why oh why didn’t glee exist when i was growing up!? because i was rocking the cheerleading uniform in chorus well before quinn and brittany. i also played piano (for 11ish years) and violin (for 8 years). i was pretty good but had no work ethic because i really didn’t love to practice.

J. job title: zealous early morning over-sharer, laundress/gourmet home chef, and (according to my business cards) fellow, pediatric endocrinology

K. kids: i don’t think there is much question where i stand on this issue.

L. live: in the present! (or at least, i’m working on it.)

M. mom’s name: caryn (mom, i’ll leave your lovely “creative” middle name out of this. ha!)

N. nicknames: SHU

O. overnight hospital stays: ha, wayyyyy too

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