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February 11, 2011

fashion friday: tastes of spring

all right, ignore the current temp. but just look at that forecast! we’re headed into temperate territory — at least for now. in NC, this is actually not atypical. while it’s unlikely to stay this nice for long, the warmer days are a harbinger of spring which arrives early in these parts.

when it comes to buying clothes, i’m in an interesting position right now. carrying several extra lbs around compared to my marathon training days (all for good reason, i think), there are things in my (mostly size 0 . . .) closet that don’t fit well. there is nothing fun about looking at a row of outfits that aren’t going to work on me right now, so i am considering hiding some of them away. but really, what i’ll be left with will be somewhat limited — especially with respect to warmer-weather attire.

did someone say shopping opportunity?

except the thing is, i could be pregnant ANY time now! do i really want to invest in pieces that are going to be useless in a few short months? although to play devil’s advocate, i could also NOT be pregnant for a while . . . in which case i will look back and kick myself for not buying some things to make me feel good about myself in this awkward stage.

in the end, i am leaning towards doing a little shopping. because it’s not like i’m going to balloon instantly once i do get that positive test result (i think?), and some ‘in-between’ clothes might also come in handy during those post-partum days.

so with that, may i present: spring splendor, anthro-style!

[ps: NOT going whole-hog and putting these in my shopping cart at this time; i’m more of a ‘stalk-it-and-wait-for-a-sale’ shopper. it’s the only way i can afford my favorite store at this stage in my life — and thankfully, more often than not things do eventually land in the markdown rack.]

squeezebox top, $48. i picked yellow to show the detail, but i’d actually love this in the navy

i could imagine this spring ready dress ($98) in any number of scenarios

oh buttons sweatshirt, $68 . . . because comfortable CAN be cute!

go-getter pants, $88. these make me smile.

the loblolly sweater, $88, is chock-full of adorable details

outfit pick:

digging look 8. for $688, this all could be yours!

finding the silver lining
thank you for your thoughts on liking what we’re good at yesterday. as you can probably tell, i’m struggling a bit with the transition back into the lab — and i think that it’s at least in part because right now, i’m not ‘GOOD’ at it. i am really hoping that once i become more competent (and gain more confidence!) that i’ll be much happier with the experience.

tired of listening to me whine, josh suggested that i write a list of the things to like (and not like) about basic science research. here’s what i came up with:

click to enlarge if desired
underneath, i wrote out a few goals:

to HAVE FUN during these years and this time

to learn more about time management, focus, and discipline

✰ use the time to practice working on more mindful living

✰ let determining the course of my own day become a positive thing

✰ learn how to interpret data better and to become a strong presenter

writing this out helps me to see that even if i don’t want to become a researcher in the end (and . . . i’m pretty sure that i won’t!), there is a ton of potential value in these experiences.

i’ll try to remember that the next time i have to spend another full day isolating RNA.

veg report: day 4
no visions of bacon danced in my head, and wednesday’s crazy hunger pangs were gone. thank goodness.

breakfast: you know the drill.

snack #1 (between patients in clinic)

don’t worry – i washed my hands after so no nut-allergic patients would anaphylax!
lunch (also between patients in clinic)

leftover brown rice sushi bowl. yum!
snack #2: pre-EVENING workout (a rarity for me! but i overslept yesterday, remember?)

broken up brown rice cakes + hummus + tabbouli
dinner: leftovers! and my first salad of the week (kind of miraculous, actually)

cup of leftover sweet potato/chick pea stew; spinach salad with blueberries, celery, and peppers; baked flax chips
dessert: SO glad dark chocolate is vegan . . .

dark chocolate + almond milk



workout: 3.25 miles (30 minute run, 9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline); NROL4W workout phase 1, workout #2:

— 2 x 15 deadlifts: 1st set with 15 lbs + the bar (too light); 2nd set with 25 lbs + the bar. (good news: i found a barbell! bad news: not sure my form was right because my back hurts today)

— 2 x 15 shoulder press: 1st set with 8 lb weights — too light. 2nd set with 9 lbs.

— 2 x 15 lat pull-downs: 1st set with 55 lbs — too hard; 2nd set with 50 lbs

— 2 x 15 lunges: 12.5 lb weights for first set — too hard; 10 lb weights for 2nd set

— 2 x 8 ball crunches

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