postcard from miami

February 26, 2011

the heat is on
or maybe that’s just the bright miami sun outside! i am going to keep this ubershort because i plan to spend today disconnected from the computer [and thus connected with family, the beautiful outdoors, and you know — the rest of life].

but just one thing
i wanted to mention:

have you all SEEN this magazine!?!? i subscribe to a jillion mags — i actually find them really fun and relaxing to read, and getting them as subscriptions is so much cheaper than buying by the issue at the newsstand or supermarket. i have also found great deals on amazon for some of them — once i snagged 3 years of us weekly for $10! ridic.

i have listed them before but i believe the current lineup is:

cooking light
clean eating
women’s health
runner’s world
whole living
real simple
women’s running

of note, i am planning on letting a few of these [namely runner’s world, women’s running, women’s health, and probably shape] expire, as i’m not really super-excited to read about the latest half marathon training plan (makes me too sad!) or lose-10-lbs-fast!-diet these days.

but experience life? is awesome. they have a lot of articles online, so check it out for yourself! this issue kept me occupied on the whole plane ride over (and even provided fertile breeding ground for several post ideas 🙂 ).*

okay, off to . . .uh . . . EXPERIENCE LIFE!


Q&A: what’s your favorite magazine? can anyone top my # of subscriptions?

* i realize this sounds like an advertisement, but i assure you i bought the subscription myself and have not received any attention, financial or otherwise, from the company. just wanted to make sure that was clear!

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