round 4

February 1, 2011

and we’re off
. . . to catch a flight for our annual vacation! each year since we started earning actual paychecks, josh and i have taken a voyage together somewhere fun.

♥ we started with asheville in 2008. hiking, eating, rafting, and of course the biltmore.

♥ in 2009, we headed to wine country. i think this was my favorite trip! not only did we get to enjoy a wine-filled bike tour and birthday champagne tasting, but i got to see west coast friends azusa, nicole, and siobhan. we will be doing a repeat of this trip at some point!

♥ last year, we got a little more ambitious and (randomly!!) decided on st. maarten. while there was some serious culture shock at first (i know i thought it would be like hawaii — and it wasn’t! at all!), but eventaully we began to relax and just enjoy both the pool and the jungle.

and now we’re headed out for round #4. i’m still not totally packed. therefore, i need to make the rest of this post a quickie!

vacation workouts
both josh and i are big proponents on moderate workouts during vacation. probably in part because we feel the need to balance out the wonderful restaurants we tend to seek out, but also because it’s a chance to get to do some leisurely workouts without the pressure of being late for work or short on sleep. often we’ll go for short runs together, which we don’t normally do otherwise.

tentative plans
in addition to planning and listing away the day yesterday, we made other essential trip preparations:

i had to hit 2 bookstores to get my hand on the already infamous tiger mother tome
yep, totally and completely essential.

and speaking of essential

idontneedthisidontneedthisidontneedthis orla baby bag
at least not yet, anyway.



workout: 3.25 miles on the TM, 0.5% incline, 9:13/mi pace

freezer soup: while we did eat this for dinner last night (i wanted to use up the produce we had!), most of it went to the freezer where it will await our return to NC.

thanks to the immersion blender (LOVE THAT THING), this was super-easy! both of us liked this simple recipe, and i would make it again.

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