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March 13, 2011

spring cleaning?
closet reorganization is all the rage right now, and i had every intention of joining the fray yesterday afternoon.

i knew it would be at least moderately painful. 5-10 lbs ago, i had a closet full of clothes that i was pretty happy with. since i typically did not fluctuate that much in size, i had been slowly accumulating pieces for years. anthro dresses. jcrew pants. citizens jeans. and fine, anthro tops, skirts, and sweaters, too.

there were some holdouts in this collection that probably didn’t deserve such a long lifespan — i had been still regularly wearing [express editor] pants from med school, and while they were not in tatters, the synthetic/flared look was over long before the end of residency, if it was ever really acceptable in the first place.

but now i have just a small row of things that fit: mostly pieces that i have bought more recently, and also a few random relics from the past. a few weeks ago, i unearthed a pair of grey pants from banana that had been shoved into the back of my closet because they were wayyyy too big (i remember thinking they would be perfect for the first trimester of pregnancy!). well, now they are my go-to pants for everyday workwear. um, yay?

let me illustrate:

jeans, pants + shorts that don’t fit or would fit, but uncomfortably/unflatteringly so
jeans, pants + shorts that do
(okay fine, plus the ones i was wearing, plus the pair from the gap i bought a while back and still need to have hemmed!)

i am a little bit lost as to what to do. at first, i had dreams of just cleaning everything out so that all i had left to look at were pieces that fit and work on me NOW. however:

a) i don’t want to say goodbye to all of these carefully collected pieces! i don’t know what will happen to my body post-pregnancy (assuming i do, in fact, get pregnant at SOME point), but i can’t write off the possibility of fitting into all of them again.

b) as we live in a one-bedroom apartment with just one closet, i don’t have a great alternate place to put them.

clearly, i still need to go shopping. for things to wear now — and, hopefully, into the first trimester someday, plus post-partum.

[TMI report: in case anyone is wondering or is perhaps skeptical that the changes above were called for, i am now ovulating. off of fertility meds. for the first time in probably 8 years. so, yeah.]

so: does anyone have any advice for me? should i start selling off some of my dresses or jeans collection [hey, i can always buy more in the future!]? should i just try to shove it all towards the back and not look at it? could i just buy some maternity pants and start wearing them NOW [ha, kidding. although if i could just go around in stretchy yoga gear all day, i would].

speaking of babies
i attended a lovely shower yesterday for my wonderful friend jessica yesterday! while i admit i am (sadly) troubled by pangs of envy at times when i hear of others’ pregnancies, i am completely honest when i say that i NEVER felt that way about jessica. i am so happy for her and her husband andy and i cannot wait to meat baby gretchen!

mom-to-be modeling the outfit i bought gretchen from babygap
note the sandals. the tiny, impractical, RIDICULOUSLY cute sandals!!!! whee!

off to round
we have a patient to see this morning, but i certainly can’t complain about how the weekend has gone so far!



workout: 30 minute run (3.25 miles at 0.5% incline, 6.5 mph) + weights, NROL4W phase I, week 5, workout A:
— 3 x 10 squats (25 lbs + bar)
— 3 x 10 pushups (all regular)
— 3 x 10 seated rows (50 lbs x 2 and 47.5 lbs for the last one)
— 3 x 10 step-ups onto high bench (holding 10 lbs total)
— 2 x 12 planks on ball

i also did a 30 minute power yoga flow from yogadownload. i suppose it was a pretty active day! don’t worry, i refueled with plenty of delicious goodies at jessica’s shower.

project use-it-up: hey, i’m finally doing it!

this week’s non-meal-planning really hasn’t worked out so well, but i think i did do a good job yesterday. somehow, i find culinary spontaneity much easier on the weekend.

local red leaf lettuce, broccoli, and sprouts + dried cherries, gorgonzola, and a side of pita chips
local bok choy + brown rice + GC tofu
try it — GC’s recipe never fails!!

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