control is overrated

March 14, 2011

theme for week 3: equanimity

“Please call transfer center at 681-XXXX. 2:18 AM 3/14/2011”

i am guessing that even the most mindful, buddha-licious yogi out there would have to WORK to maintain pure equanimity while answering this page. but i do think it’s a noble goal, and i am really happy that this week’s theme meshes with a call week! what a perfect opportunity to inch closer to baptiste’s definition of equanimity: the art of meeting life as it meets you — calmly, without drama or fuss.

i (like many others) spend far too much energy stressing over things that are not under my control. the monthly dice-roll of TTC. whether my pager will go off, or if it won’t. but the truth is, not only is this energy wasted, but it can be destructive. time spent focused on these things (obsessively yet passively waiting) is time spent NOT in the present moment — and then it’s over. baptiste goes on, explaining:

“An inner revolution is not about taking control. Control has no real healthy place in our lives, and only robs us of our serenity. We think we change things by taking charge, by “grabbing the bull by the horns.” But if you think about it, grabbing a bull by the horns would be a crazy thing to do. We change by finding equanimity and learning to relax right in the middle of conflict-filled moment.”

i am looking forward to focusing on these concepts during what is likely to be a busy week.

week 3 goals and challenges
yoga practice this week’s practice is 45 minutes. again, i will be doing my own flows [via baptiste’s CD, yogadownload‘s classes, or live at blue point] — but will stick to a 45 minute minimum for 6 days this week. i also plan to work in the equanimity theme: not waiting for each pose to be over or trying to control a class in my head, but just appreciating each moment as it is happening.

balancing diet the week’s assignment is to think about cravings and habits, particularly as they relate to eating sweet foods. for me, the only truly sugary food i consume most days is a piece of chocolate after dinner. i don’t really want — or feel the need — to change what i feel is a nice (even healthy) tradition. however, i will think about other cravings [carbs! cheese! more carbs!] and work on pausing to consider why i am wanting them before the pita chips/crackers/etc are long gone.

meditation ahhh we’re up to 15 minutes! i have to admit, i am struggling with these sessions and was not 100% compliant (or even close) with last week’s assignment. but i like how baptiste brings equanimity into this week’s exercise, urging us to:

“simply and gently notice your reluctance to meditate, your desire to stop or get up and walk out of the room. when restless behaviors rise, rather than just acting on them and your need to escape, see if you can just notice their pull on you. stay present, stay conscious, and most of all just stay. this is the practice of developing equanimity.”

closet chaos: problems solved!
thank you all so much for weighing in on my wardrobe dilemma yesterday! so many of you suggested the fantastic idea of space bags [or other out-of-the-way storage] for pieces that i love, and i am definitely going to go that route. i will take the opportunity to sell [or donate] items that never really worked on me, but you can bet most of the anthro dress collection will be staying put.

this upcoming weekend, josh and i will go shopping — for storage AND new spring clothes!

via bed bath & beyond

Q&A of the day: where in your life do you feel you could use more equanimity? the first thing that comes to mind for me is the PAGER.



workout: ~5 miles outside SUPER SUPER SLOW (it was hot). i am sure i was going over 10:00 miles but my intention was to make the run feel gentle and easy. i did really enjoy being outside in the 75 degree sunshine! i also did a 30 minute yoga flow via yogadownload (gentle hatha — needed a break from all of the chataurangas of the rest of the week).

CE inspired i didn’t really follow the recipe in this month’s clean eating mag, but once i had open-faced tuna melts on the brain, i HAD to have one.

tuna salad made with nayonnaise, celery, and scallions; grafton cheddar; roasted local sweet potatoes + turnips; crudites
hit. the. spot.

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