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March 12, 2011

happy birthday, mom!
my mother had me when she was 31 [the age i’ll be turning in may . . . sigh]. and now i can claim to have been present for a solid 50% of her years!!

awesome things about my mom:
✔ she walks 3-4 miles [fast!!] almost every day. recently she even took up strength training, but i’m not sure that habit has stuck. maybe i can get her into yoga!

✔ she, along with my dad [unfortunately coincidence], gave me the gift of horrendous eyesight. but hers has since been fixed with lens implants!

✔ she is a master bread baker. like, for real. she makes beautiful artisan loaves that look like they came out of a fancy bake shop — and taste that way, too.

✔ she has an incredible number of cookbooks.

✔ . . . and yet she never tires of poring through new ones!

✔ she fed us tofu and whole wheat [homemade] bread before it was cool.

✔ she is a computer nerd and programs for a living. she will get sucked in and stay up all night troubleshooting sometimes! because we were early adopters of the PC [and because mavis beacon’s program appealed IMMENSELY to the childhood me], i have her to thank for my typing skillz. but i couldn’t program my way out of a paper bag. – how do your skillz compare?
✔ she managed to give birth to both my sister and me with NO anesthesia in the delivery room. and apparently, i gave her hell but my younger sister was a breeze. [and she even had a big head!]

✔ she is probably the only parent in the world who kept warning me NOT to go into medicine. well, not really warning, but just making sure i knew what i was getting into [her brother/my uncle is an OB/GYN]. the other day she told me she thought i would grow up to be a writer!

✔ we are very different in some ways, but we are clearly related.

having a little too much fun with this moderately inappropriate-looking giant squash specimen
happy birthday mom + thank you for all you have given to me over the second 1/2 of your life!!

not too shabby
i’m on call, but i have to admit that one moderately hermit-like weekend/month is actually a-ok with me.

time to get crackin’!



workout: 40 minute ashtanga session from yogadownload, although it was a little too hard [int/advanced] and i got frustrated! i had to remind myself that i’m not going to all the sudden be able to do everything. all in good time 🙂

excavation question: what are the forces in your life that drain your energy?

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