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March 25, 2011

good morning . . .
and happy friday to all! i anticipate a challenging and busy day, but that is okay. i am hereby taking time right now to remind myself [and anyone else who is expecting a similar end to the week] that getting wound up and reactive about things will not help.

✰ one task, one focus at a time.
✰ breathe
✰ remember that there are few emergencies
✰ be nice
✰ relax

after all, the absolute worst thing that could happen? i’ll have a long day with some work left over at the end. i have an open weekend to complete it, if need be.

link luv
oh, internet. i want to quit you [okay fine – just LEARN TO ENJOY YOU IN MODERATION], and yet you are filled with so many interesting and inspiring things.

stationery subscriptions! YES — you can get a little kit [containing writing instruments, something to write on, and one surprise item] sourced from a different country each month delivered to your door for just $12 [monthly fee if yearly package is purchased]. i ultimately decided not to go for this — in part because many of the packages feature pencils, which i don’t use — but man, i was tempted.

philosopher’s notes is an intriguing idea: brian johnson [a man with a very impressive pedigree — clearly he has no need to work another day in his life and is doing this out of love!] spends his time reading classic personal growth/philosophy books, from the 7 habits of highly effective people to the tao te ching.

he scours each one, and then tries to capture the essence of each volume in a 6 page pdf and 20-minute podcast. i admit i am tempted to buy his book.

♥ another wonderful link via re-psych: quick tips for mindful living [especially at work!]

how to break up with old hobbies via small notebook. [um, does the internet count as a ‘hobby’? sigh.]

♥ reader paloma sent me this little piece of awesomeness: 172 things to do to in order to increase your level of accomplishment

available for purchase although i admit i’d rather write my own!

♥ convinced that the interweb’s concentration of oatmeal recipes has reached a critical saturation point? think again! i want to make faith’s bananas foster oats as soon as possible.

last call!
i’ll keep it short & sweet:
✔ book giveaway: enter here by just commenting with your favorite book ever — winner announced tomorrow AM!

reach out & read — i’m so proud, we’re up to $362!! thank you all so much once again. i will pick a winner for the baked goods tomorrow AM as well.



workout: nada. i’m having an off week. but my yoga injury is starting to feel a little better, i think.

eggplant parmesan wraps: this month’s clean eating featured a very simple recipe for these wraps — just sautée diced eggplant + tomato with some spices, mix up some cheese, wrap up, and eat.

unfortunately, they were entirely un-photogenic [i am never good at making wraps look pretty!], but josh and i enjoyed this [very easy] meal.

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