thursday notebook

March 10, 2011

work/life redux
thank you all for your comments + emails relating to yesterday’s post! it seems like the majority of us would prefer that the lines between work/life were less blurred, and perhaps that work was less all-consuming.

i certainly have yet to figure out how to strike the best balance for myself [i had to erase ‘perfect’ — because as we all know, that’s aiming too high!], but will continue to work on it.

pretty paper picks
it occurred to me that i’ve been unusually restrained in my paper acquisition this year! perhaps this is because i have been so happy with my multipurpose planner that i haven’t needed extra notebooks to write in lists and the like.

however, that doesn’t mean i haven’t been looking. and if you are considering a new notebook or planner for spring [notes on a spring cleaning project or 40-day-revolution, perhaps!?], here are a few fun finds:

miquelrius notebooks — on sale!
these cuties have four different colored sections — perfect for compartmentalizing different aspects of a project.

semi-kolon exercise book = 48 sheets of fun

i’m not a big index card user, but maybe i would be if i had these exacompta beauties
this wallet is not really relevant.

but OMG, it’s beautiful!! orla kiely SS11 collection

yoga update
in case you’re wondering — despite my trepidations, i did end up going to the intermediate/advanced class last night . . .and i survived. the instructor was really nice and helped me with a few poses, and while there were many things i could not do (or even get close to doing! hello arm balances . . . ) i enjoyed the faster flow of the class and the challenge of working on things like handstands. part of me wonders whether i will EVER be able to do a lot of the moves in the class, but i know i need to be patient, since i’ve only really been going to classes consistently for 3 months now. anyway, i will be going back!



workout: 30 minute run + 90 minute intermediate/advanced class @ BP

and this, friends, is why i plan weekly menus with recipes

local baby bok choy + amy’s thai coconut soup + rice cakes + pb
odds ‘n’ ends gourmet? not really. this week’s [rather lame] meals have really only shown me how much i need recipes and quality, specific meal planning! clearly, i won’t be leaving my day job for recipe developer any time soon.

meditation: confession: while i did plenty of meditating IN shavasana and other sundry poses, i did not sit for 10 minutes yesterday (x 1 OR 2). however, i am about to right now!

today’s excavation question:

what is your most courageous act? courage doesn’t always mean heroism — often courage can show up in more subtle ways, such as having the courage to leave a toxic relationship, to try something you’ve never done before, or to take a different path from those around you.