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March 26, 2011

somehow, i ended up getting up almost as early today as i do the rest of the week. much like shelby, i elected to stay home from the club this time around [HA] and passed out at 10pm on the couch while watching pretty woman [timeless classic!].

i have nothing glamorous on the docket for today, but to me it is still shaping up to be a lovely one.

obviously, the biggest event of the day will be taking place shortly! however, this year’s race will differ markedly from last year. to be honest, it seems unreal to me that a mere 364 days ago, i ran a PR, finally cracking 23 minutes, and placing second in my age group.

posing with the lovely meg pre-race in 2010
this time, i am not even formally registered — unlike most races, you’re actually allowed to run the great human race for free if you do not wish to be in the ‘competitive’ field. i plan on rocking some 9-10 minute miles and just enjoying the hilly course and community atmosphere!

in the most important way, though, this time around is already even more of a success — thanks to you all! my total fundraising came to $372, up from $246 last year. that is a LOT of books for the children of durham, and i am amazed and inspired at your generosity.

let’s just hope the weather holds . . .

rain, you may commence at 10 am. thanks!
now it’s my turn!
to do some giving! first up, we have the winner of the book giveaway! i loved reading all of your favorites — interesting how so many of you chose treasured volumes from childhood.

i am excited to announce that the winner of the giveaway is lucky #29:

lindsay!! lindsay, just email me with your address and book choice, and i will get your prize on its way!

in addition, i promised baked goods to a randomly selected ROR donor, and the winner is miss meredith b. of pursuing balance! meredith, i will email you and i will design a custom baked good — made to order, to your specifications 🙂



workout: 35 minutes of morning flow yoga. still a little pain, but not as bad as a week ago, i think.

to anyone wondering how my [au natural!] ovulatory cycle turned out

well, here’s your answer.

however, i have had a much better attitude about it this time around. there is no rush. i am happy now. it will happen. i am embracing this extra time as a chance for me to learn and grow so that i can be a great mother when it finally happens . . . or at least, i’m working on it.

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