jet set part 2: packing it in

April 26, 2011

bon voyage
it’s off to CO this morning! thank you all so much for your helpful comments yesterday — both general conference and colorado-specific! hopefully, i can put all of your tips into action, avoiding early conference burnout while staying hydrated.

luckily, my [direct!] flight leaves at the wonderfully civilized hour of 9:30 AM, so i can enjoy one last ‘normal’ AM routine before the travel whirlwind begins.

i’ve had a few of you ask for another what’s in your bag? post, so i figured this would be a great opportunity.

now, i am by no means a master packer. in fact, i’m pretty bad. i often leave this activity until the last minute, and i usually forget SOMETHING, whether it’s my camera charger or a pair of shoes. however, i will say i have gotten better, and the tool that has helped me the most is [ . . . drumroll, please!] this:

i know, SHOCKING!! a list!
i realize it is totally dorky to spend time writing out your outfits for an 8 day work trip, but i am fine with that. i started doing this when we took a weeklong trip to sonoma in 2009, and haven’t looked back. it’s the only way i can avoid either a) massively overpacking or b) not having anything that goes remotely together to wear by day #3.

i will spare you pictures of all my luggage, but the rundown ended up like this:

✔ bag #1 [mini orla roller, which will be checked] contains conference clothes put in reverse order [ie, so tomorrow’s outfit will conveniently on top!] as well as toiletries

✔ bag #2 [small carry-on tote] contains pajamas + workout/outside gear

✔ bag #3 is here:
what’s in your bag? travel edition
in for a close-up:

just the essentials. mostly.

all right, i’m off to get the rest of my stuff together and squeeze in one last run at sea level!



workout: 25 minutes on the elliptical (levels 9 – 11) + weights [squats, pushups, rows, step-ups, abs]

just in case you were wondering
my version of detox includes pizza, apparently . . .

lots of this:

plus this x 2:

loop chapel hill, you never fail to please

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  • Reply Christine March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    I got sort of sick last time I was in Colorado. I was trying to stay hydrated, but my energy levels were sapped by the 2nd day. At the time, I was horribly anemic, though, and that likely had something to do with it. I missed a full day of meetings just to sleep! For most people hydration seems to keep them good in CO.

    Have a great trip!

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