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April 23, 2011

notes from up in the air

coming in for a landing @ logan
hi from somewhere up high between NC and MA! i am on my way to boston for a relaxing girls weekend with my best friends from college.

emily’s rehearsal dinner — the last time we were together!
for the first time in a while, i am going to spending the next 48 hours WITHOUT a list dictating my daily activities!

i might have a little bit of separation anxiety from my planner, but this sort of break is probably healthy for me. in fact, situations where i am forced to just LIVE without goals or a blueprint are perhaps something i should seek out more often.

lessons from friday
[flowing through my mind over the past 12 hours]
[[i didn’t say this POST would be list-free, did i!?]]

1. from yoga i really need to just chill. case in point: i went to a yoga class with a substitute instructor yesterday evening. i didn’t know there was going to be a sub, and was a little bit disappointed when i found out that andrea r. wasn’t there to take us through the fun and fast-moving flows that i am used to.

instead, the class was completely different. we didn’t do typical yoga sequences until the end, and the whole thing was incredibly slow moving, very much focused on form, with seemingly endless holds. instead of being a challenge that went by quickly and made me feel good about myself, this class just . . . hurt [both my muscles AND my pride, a bit!] and was just somewhat boring.

i gritted my teeth and had negative thoughts flowing the entire time, wishing the instructor’s style was different; wishing the usual class had taken place. and my reward for all of this negativity?

. . . obviously, there wasn’t one. i had just spent 75 minutes and $11 and didn’t really take away anything, nor did i leave with the usual mood boost that a great yoga class brings. and really, it was NOT the instructor’s fault — it was mine. next time, i will try to change my attitude/thought patterns and find presence, even if the class isn’t what i had expected. next time!

2. from date night – part i josh and i should really go on date nights [and date nights that we properly acknowledge as such!] more often. they make me so happy!

3. from date night – part 2 note to self: next time, i really need to NOT eat half a plateful of fried foods [artichokes + okra, in this case] dipped in aioli as an appetizer. while i am totally okay with the concept of eating these kinds of things in moderation [we almost never eat fried foods, so i figured . . . why not!??], last night i just felt really sick afterwards. just not worth it!

i guess it was a day filled with learning opportunities for me — and not just at work.

all right, we’re coming in for a landing! boston pix to come . . . have a wonderful weekend!



workout: 33 minute run in the AM + 75 minute yoga class

acme carrboro i did not bring my camera on our date last night [josh doesn’t always love it when i take it along, so i caved. tell him he should be proud to have a photo-blogging wife!] however, i’m not sure our meal was that photo-worthy, except to show you what NOT to order for an appetizer that will make you feel good [details above].

i didn’t love this restaurant overall — my entrée was a bit too salty, and josh ordered crab cakes , which were okay . . . but i actually prefer the ones i made sunday night!

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