April 5, 2011

city living
i have to say i’m really getting excited about our upcoming move to downtown durham! i’m already envisioning lovely summer walks out to the movies or dinner at revolution; weekend strolls to the nearby farmers’ market (yay!); runs around duke‘s east campus.

just check out the area’s walk score:

[no, that won’t be my exact address of course — i’m open, but not THAT open!]
this is a huge change from our current location which scores a 35, or “car-dependent”.

however, the shift will come with a price. one aspect is financial: the new apt is about 30% more expensive than our current one. however, as this is durham and not NYC, the cost is still relatively reasonable. speaking of NYC, i found this fascinating:

video of a manhattan woman living in a 90 square foot apt for $700/month
despite being approximately 9.1 times larger than the apartment featured above, the second cost of our new apartment is space. while the square footages are similar [~900 here vs. 820 there], we will definitely be losing some dedicated storage space.

it’s not like our current 1-bedroom is THAT packed with stuff, since we did a huge purge when we moved fled from our old house in durham to our current space [why we moved: this happened].

however, there has certainly been a bit of a build-up. possessions acquired, pieces of furniture that are not serving an essential purpose, and the like. my wedding dress hangs out in a giant box in our closet [keep it for future potential daughter!? is that ridiculous?? i can’t decide . . .]. a huge mirror/shelf thing sits in our outside storage closet along with god-knows-what-else — clearly, though, nothing in that closet is essential because we haven’t had to dig through it in months.

and since i prefer our surroundings to look more like this:

light. calm. spare. modern. sun-drenched. hello, apartment therapy!
. . . i want it all GONE. so i want to spend time over the next two months really going through our possessions and doing away with anything we do not:

a) absolutely love


b) use regularly

i don’t think i could ever go to extreme minimalism, but there are a lot of inspiring [and interesting] examples online of people who have truly pared down. i guess the lesson is that stuff is just . . . . stuff. a knick-knack may remind you of great aunt helga, but it ISN’T her. [and today, you could easily just take a picture and store it digitally!].

so, my wedding dress ISN’T my marriage! right?

fun times!!
[clearly, i am struggling internally with that one!]

minimalist inspirations
miss minimalist and 400 square feet

■ her ebook, which i am tempted to check out

zen habits guide to creating a minimalist home

moving minimally from zen habits sister site

top posts from everyday minimalist

what do you think of the minimalist movement? do you have anything around that you don’t love/need that you are thinking of parting with? and what should i do with my wedding dress?

i’d love your thoughts!



workout: total 45 minutes: 1/2 on elliptical, 1/2 weights
+ hip-opening 20-minute yoga session at the end of the day. my hips were feeling tight and hurting a bit, and this helped SO much!

pasta bolognese, CE style
while i thought this lentil-based pasta sauce was pretty good [and it was certainly healthy!], it really wasn’t all that reminiscent of bolognese. however, once i got past that, i enjoyed this simple meal.

ww spaghetti with tomato-based sauce featuring lentils, carrots, and celery

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