work, play, and pretty things

April 28, 2011

recess: enjoying the great outdoors

the morning window scene
yesterday was mainly spent in lectures and discussion sections, which were great! my favorite part is comparing notes with the other pediatric endocrine fellows across the country. there really aren’t all that many of us [the total US # currently in fellowship is probably somewhere in the 100s??] so it’s exciting to have so many in one place.

after we sat for most of the day, we ended with a scavenger hunt activity mostly outside involving different ‘stations’ where we got to shoot baskets, serve/catch tennis balls, and attempt to golf for points!

golf ‘chipping’ was definitely my worst event. even below basketball for this 5’1″ munchkin!
there was even a [rather random] activity that involved hooking yourself to another person and using one arm to do things! YPC [my residency friend!] and i took advantage of our similar heights and the fact that i am left-handed + she is right . . .

wrapping this was a breeze!
you can tell we’re really into it! i don’t know if it was our determination [or the fact that one team member was DOMINATING the slingshot activity] . . . but we won!

celebrating our victory in the endo-nerd olympics!
today’s activities:
✰ AM run [just 30 minutes or so]

✰ more lectures + my presentation [admittedly i’m a little nervous for this crowd of peds endo superstars!]

✰ chili cook-off!!!