sick daze

April 14, 2011

what i feel like doing today:

now: go back to bed (after writing this post, of course)

9 am: pad out of bed and very slowly clean up kitchen and other mess accumulated in past 24 [sick] hours

11 am: lie down on couch and watch trashy AM TV

here’s a good choice from VH1!
12 pm: make soup + crackers for lunch. before eating soup, take temperature a few times, just to see what it is.

1 pm: read blogs and catch up with you all

3 pm: ogle pretty things online, like this and this

is this beautiful work bag just a feverish vision, or is it REAL?
4 pm: catch up on grey’s anatomy and desperate housewives while i let my immune system do its thing

6 pm: eat something slightly inappropriate for dinner, like cereal.

8 pm: lie in bed reading

9 pm: doze off in nyquil-induced coma

what i will be doing today

now: clean up / get ready for work

8 am: see patients while attempting not to spread germs across NC

6 pm: go home and feel sorry for self while intermittently answering pages overnight — oh god, i hear it going off already:

the pager never lies
you know, the one good thing about stupid viruses like this is that i get to appreciate how REALLY GOOD i feel the rest of the time!!

a very special list of the week
so did you think my love for lists just came out of nowhere? that one day i got my hands on getting things done and was hooked?

nah — the powerful drive to put pen to paper and catalog/archive/spell out has been present since day one. even my 3rd grade-era diary is filled with lists [“my top 5 friends” was a rotating classic]. anyway, perhaps it is in my genes, or maybe i just absorbed these tendencies through careful observation of . . . well, this:

one page out of hundreds (more?) in my father’s personal music catalog
it’s true, dad — i learned it by watching you!! [

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