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April 8, 2011

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life update
last night, josh and i went out for thai — i wanted to shake up our post-work routine a little — and somewhere between my first and last sip of white wine i decided:

i am doing okay. or actually, better than okay — i am doing great.

and josh — who i know has been frustrated and saddened at MY sadness through all this — even agreed.

less than two months ago, i really hit a low point [exhibit A: here] with all of the TTC issues. i was unhappy and distracted most of the time.

i think each negative should generate an online coupon for free sushi + tequila
i am not sure what has changed — and no, it’s not my level of β-HCG — but i am just calmer and happier now. more at peace with the amount of time this is taking, at peace with my body [new clothes really helped!], and at peace with what my life is right now. i am able to think about other things, like yoga and moving to durham and upcoming travel [for both fun + work!].

part of what has helped is that i’ve just realized that there is no URGENCY. sometimes comparing myself to others my age makes me think that there is, but — it’s just not true. worst case scenario: let’s say the next two YEARS are a fertility bust and i end up getting IVF at age 33. that would be okay. that isn’t even that old! and in the meantime, i would have gotten to enjoy plenty of what childless life has to offer.

don’t get me wrong — i’m not going to start upping my mileage and i’m sure i will still get my hopes up every month [assuming i continue ovulating]! but i am determined to enjoy each day on this journey known as ‘life’, no matter what unexpected turns the path may take.

namaste, y’all.

fashion friday
last week it was shoes; this week we’re back to PAPER! i received an email yesterday notifying me that the daily planner now has a discount outlet site: the dp outlet*. ie: ‘last season’ stationery at slashed prices. um, dangerous?

obviously, i love the print on this orla kiely hardback journal. still not cheap at $16.50, but i can attest to the quality + cuteness!
i’ve always admired these pricey natsuki notebooks from afar, but perhaps now i could see one in reality

color mesh cases come in an array of sizes and i just adore the clean and colorful look.
this prettified stapler isn’t really MY style, but i still think it’s awesome!
[caroline, it totally made me think of you!]

* again, i just want to make it clear that i have received nothing from this company — i just like them and thought you might, too!



workout: 30 minute power yoga session in the AM. i decided to move my weights/xt session to the weekend – my body just wanted rest! [and wine, apparently.]

thai café
i am a big fan of this durham establishment — lovely service, great thai food, and a relaxed atmosphere. last night the temps were in the 70s, so josh and i even got to eat outside!

classic across-the-table shot . . . and i need a haircut!
josh vetoed summer rolls, which are my standard [and favorite].

these pot-stickers in red curry sauce were delicious but it’s hard to compete with summer rolls.
pad see ew with tofu and broccoli. as good as it looks!
red penang curry with shrimp
josh and i shared everything and left with no room for dessert, which is too bad, because:

WINE-SICLES! yes, they exist. and we will be trying them soon!
happy friday!

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