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April 9, 2011

smashing saturday
on the docket for the day:

✔ apartment cleanse! [only a minor one]

goal end result!
✔ get my eBay on [rejected clothes — not my wedding dress]

uhh, new with tags . . . i am pretty sure these size 24s NEVER fit me!
✔ workout @ the gym + yoga @ home or BP

nerd alert: weekend workouts sort of feel like spa retreats to me
✔ reading, scheming, thinking + relaxing

on paper!
✔ playing arm candy at josh’s college reunion tonight

old pic, but i plan to wear this tried-and-true frock
✔ spending the rest of the day completely UNPLUGGED*. [from the internet — let’s be realistic].

wish me luck . . . it’s a big REAL world out there!

* except for whatever access i need to post the aforementioned ebay sales

PS: happy birthday BB!

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