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May 19, 2011

it’s here! my vacation has begun!

fresh georgia peaches + may sunlight: the morning is off to an excellent start
i’m super-excited, but it also feels sort of surreal — mostly because josh is not on vacation with me. we normally coordinate all of our weeks off to be together, but because of a [working!] trip he took to nicaragua and 2 [surgery!] conferences he attended, his program ended up cutting his vacation days* . . . and so here i am hanging out alone in our apartment with a move planned in a week.

my first step is to figure out how i am going to use what seems like a vast expanse of time! i do have a moving checklist i need to get started on, and i am looking forward to some massive decluttering/weeding out before our trip across town on may 27. today, though i plan on just regrouping, finishing with some work loose ends, and doing some retreat planning.

* to which i say: “UNFAIR!”; however, he has had a very mature and accepting attitude about it. maybe he just wants me to be the one to pack up to move . . . kidding!

public service announcement
did you know that anthro is in the midst of one of their big sale periods?

while i’m actually 2 days late on this one, check out the long list of markdowns courtesy of effortless anthropologie — many are still available.

including the daily brights satchel, which i have coveted for several months now and is now less than half price . . .

and which is now on its way to me. I HAD TO!!!
not wanting to go too crazy, i did not snap up this clouded cornflower dress (now $70), but someone should. it’s just too cute!

perfect throw-on piece for summer

ahh yes — and the notebook giveaway
goes to . . . #10 –> catherine!! catherine, email me and i will get the little notebook on its way to you!



workout: nada. apparently i was resting up for my vacation!

it’s easy eating green . . .

fresh pea + garlic gazpacho was quite mild and fresh tasting
note: i really like hand-shelling fresh peas! i find it to be quite calming and just tedious enough — sort of like doing laundry 🙂

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