May 11, 2011

to the lovely first lady mrs. michelle obama

i am a young, energetic physician in the midst of my training in pediatric endocrinology. yesterday while on my habitual morning run, i was ruminating over two topics that i am passionate about:

1) pediatric obesity

2) happiness

one might wonder what these topics have to do with one another. i believe the answer is that there is a great deal of overlap.

activity promotes happiness. i would venture to say that happy people, with a great sense of well-being, are more likely to be active. being in shape and healthy promotes activity, and clearly that arrow goes the other way. and . . . well, here’s what i’m trying to say:

i envision a movement where instead of working on the outer trappings of obesity [just changing habits], the goal is tackling the problem from the inside. educating patients and families about living a more positive and enjoyable life, and in the process helping them remove some of the blockades preventing them from living in a way that reflects that diagram above.

although it’s not a term typically used in the allopathic medical world, i am proposing more of a holistic approach to the treatment of pediatric obesity.

so, ms. obama, why am i bothering you with this? well, i have been very impressed with the dedication you have shown regarding this issue. and also, i need some money.

specifically, i will need approximately $100,000 to obtain a master’s degree in positive psychology [the program is $45,000, but clearly i will need a stipend to live on during this sabbatical year!]. of course, i will also need a budget to help fund my center for health + happiness, to be located in miami beach. you know, we can call it the michelle obama center if that would sway you — has a nice ring to it!

in addition to learning all that i can about applied positive psychology during the year-long program, my goals will be to:

✰ use newly-learned positive psychology tactics to build an effective program for addressing pediatric preventative health issues [with a focus on obesity] from the inside out

✰ write a manuscript for a book aimed at other practitioners, describing how they may implement these techniques into their practices

✰ develop a business plan [working with consultants who have some experience] for the center and how it will operate

as a medical professional with these dual interests [and future expertise], i believe that i will uniquely positioned to bring a happiness/health revolution to america’s youngest generation.

i hope that you will consider my proposal, and please contact me with any questions.

respectfully yours,

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