May 5, 2011

paradoxical fatigue
i was so tired yesterday, from the moment i awoke to the moment i crashed on the couch for a 2 hour nap [at 6 pm. perhaps not the smartest move . . . ]. i realize that some of this is from readjusting to the two-hour time difference, but come on — i was in denver, not new zealand or hawaii [cue wistful sigh]. i think it’s more just post-travel fatigue, which doesn’t make much sense given that all i did was sit on a plane all day [sleeping for half of it!], but it is what it is.

anyway! i charged through the first half of my to-do list yesterday, but upon arriving home the couch was calling my name loudly, as was some cheese in the fridge + michelle‘s book, which just arrived in the mail.

as it turns out, the opening of her book is absolutely disgusting and not what most people would prefer to read about while eating cheese [not having to do rectal exams: reason #2 i went into pediatrics*]. luckily, i am a doctor and therefore immune to such gross-outs. [

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