sweetening with age

May 21, 2011

thank you
for all of your lovely birthday wishes yesterday! as it turns out, 31 doesn’t seem to be bad at all so far.

. . . contemplating the alternative on this rapturous day
i enjoyed an all-around lovely day yesterday, complete with:

✰ 5 mile run filled with sunshine, a cool breeze, the arcade fire, and scents of honeysuckle [although it was slightly bittersweet — i will have to find a durham alternative to my out-the-door chapel hill route in just a week!]

✰ massage and mani/pedi at bella trio. locals, if you want an amazing swedish massage, go see tim there. you can thank me later!!

end result, although i’m not sure why my hand and foot appear to be different colors
✰ fun + centering yoga express class at blue point with my favorite instructor sara

✰ an impromptu trip to six plates in yoga gear with the fabulous c + l [they just moved into the apartment we were thisclose to signing on last month!]

champagne + birthdays [at least my birthday] seem to go hand in hand . . .

delicious bubbles made from beaujolais grapes
✰ heading back home, prince charming josh arrived back from the hospital just in time to pick me up in his carriage honda civic and whisk me away to a special birthday dinner at panciuto in hillsborough — one of my absolute favorite places in the triangle.

the atmosphere is a little intimate for lots of pictures, but i had a wonderful time with my date plus j + d, friends who joined us all the way from raleigh.

i did, however, bring home the menu so i could show you their is it local?-esque information:

“i’m just going to ask one more time . . . is it local?”
[if you haven’t seen the piece this refers to yet, WATCH IT!! i promise you’ll laugh.]

birthday menu shot:

josh and i shared the cheese + i had the whole wheat spaghetti with smoked clams
i am not hyperbolizing when i say that every single bite was fantastic. homemade pasta, fresh bread, vibrant flavors, and hey . . . it’s local 🙂

i did sneak one shot in at dessert which josh and i shared as per usual:

best birthday cake ever: essentially the most delicious strawberry ice cream sandwich imaginable
the fun continues into the weekend — i have a summery picnic lunch planned with my sister. i am also ready to get down and dirty into decluttering mode pre-move! stay tuned . . .

how are you planning to enjoy this beautiful may day?

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