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May 8, 2011

notes from a call day
yesterday, in between pages, i:

✔ conquered my to-do list [mostly]

big shout-out to ira glass for getting me through cleaning a REALLY neglected bathroom!
✔ ran + did yoga

new FREE shoes to test from brooks wear-tester program
[picture censored — thanks beth for the heads up!]

[[nothing to do with the blog — anyone can sign up! these mystery shoes are my first item i’ve been sent to test! the black color scares me a little and i probably should have chosen 1/2 size smaller, but i’ll give them a chance . . . ]]

✔ mid-day, took a hot shower so long my hands turned pruney

✔ had a nice nutritious + relaxing lunch

✔ typed up a consult + answered many diabetes pages

. . . and now it’s off to see some kids + babies in person at the hospital. despite the above, it actually hasn’t been the greatest of all call weekends [i got woken up at 2:50 AM last night – hooray] but i am cheerfully excited to get through it because it’s my last time to be on the pager until JUNE 13!!!

iTunes cleanup?
i started to go about doing this and then got cold feet. you see, there are numerous albums in my library that i don’t even really want, and tons of duplicate songs / mislabeled songs / albums missing art. i have read about ‘clean up’ programs designed to help fix all of these issues, and i’m interested in trying one — the thing is, they’re not free [$30+].

here’s one example: tune up:

i’m so annoyed with the current state of my library that i might just take the plunge. anyone have any experience with using one of these programs?

♥ happy mother’s day!! ♥ mom, i apologize for that mother’s day back in 1980 when i refused to emerge in time for your big day [and made you wait another two weeks! oops!]. i’ll make it up to you eventually!



workout: 5.5 mile run [i had to stop 3x to answer pages!] + 30 minute power yoga session @ home.

back in the kitchen finally, my cooking mojo is back! i made CL’s udon noodles with spicy tofu + broccolini, although i subbed in soba noodles since that’s what we had.

josh and i both LOVED this recipe! the simplicity of the ingredients, the savory and slightly spicy sauce, and the tofu that was ALMOST as good as the GC verson — a CL classic. my only complaint was that i used a million pots + pans to make it. still: worth it, and if i ever remembered to repeat recipes, i’d make it again!

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