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June 24, 2011

blank slate
= my brain right now. i guess i’m just not feeling a lot of inspiration today! it’s been a rather trying week from a work perspective and i am SO ready to just tune out and not think about anything related to pediatric endocrinology for the next 2 days. my [awesome and very supportive] co-fellows were talking to me yesterday about the difference between 1st year [and being the on call/on service go-to person for a majority of the time] and 2nd/3rd year [mostly research], and despite the fact that i really do love taking care of patients and working clinically, i am really looking forward to crossing this divide come july 1.

i will be much more independent, in charge of my own schedule. i will be able to structure my work day in any way that i please, as long as i am productive. while i have found this challenging in the past, i’m somehow feeling more ready for it now.

and one bonus of beginning a new ‘school’ year?

license to start a new planner, obviously.
i loved last year’s version so much that i decided to go [nearly] the same route this year. i do have a few months’-worth of pages left in the old one, but who wants to wait to start a planner in november!?

not me.

fashion friday: minipost
just a few sale picks caught my eye this AM!

lovely dutch yellow shift — i think it would be a great frock to wear to an outdoor summer wedding
extremely versatile channelled belt
beach house wallpaper shorts — so much more than loungewear!

6.23.11: i miss this section!!!!!

workout: another easy 30 minute run

cooking: we actually went out to celebrate josh’s finishing residency [at old-guard triangle classic angus barn — i had never been!]. the meal was good [my favorite part: the chilled king crab leg!] but I MISS HEALTHY AND HOMEMADE FOOD SO MUCH!!!

a real retreat: we are headed to the beach this weekend for a much-needed getaway. and when i get back? NORMAL LIFE IS GOING TO RESUME. as in: functional apartment, organized surroundings, and a regular sleep schedule. i seriously cannot wait.

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