summer retreat: 6.1.11

June 1, 2011

day 3
the theme for today is geared towards the “in” part of inside/out: ie, your diet. because there is NO denying that what you eat makes a difference in how you feel, both in the short term [having energy for a busy afternoon] or the long run [general sense of health/well-being].

many of you reading already have a great grasp on this important pillar of healthy living. but if you’re like me, sometimes time or energy constraints get in the way, and packaged products and restaurant meals sneak in more and more often.

i definitely don’t think that anyone needs to have a list of “do not eat ever!!” foods. but i know that i do best with an 80-90% mindset: 80-90% real, nutritious food, with attention to portions [using internal hunger cues as gauge — not ‘serving sizes’ or even examples from a food blog!].

even if those examples do look delicious 🙂
so on day #3, the main goal is just to cultivate an awareness of what/when you are eating and think about how your diet is serving you.

journal exercise

go ahead — play food blogger for a day [it’s “what i ate wednesday”, after all. do it privately in your own notebook, or make a post out of it. perhaps even comment on what worked for you and what you might have done differently. this may be something you decide to stretch out for a few days, just to identify patterns, or maybe you’ll find it incredibly annoying to recall [and recount] every bite. feel free to let me know!

i wish i could send you all a copy of this book:

image from michael pollen’s site
but since i can’t, you can check out his 12 commandments or this zenhabits article on “the zen of real food” — [although be warned, the latter has a slightly paleo bent. i could never become a bread hater!]

today, try a meditative spin on eating — for one meal, try to go without media/entertainment — or even conversation. just reflect, relax, go slowly, and mindfully enjoy your meal. [this will be a huge challenge for me — but i’m up for it!]


well, there’s plenty to do today already! but if you can, try to pack something for lunch that you don’t usually bring. and feel free to think outside the box — sometimes simple is best!

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