day in the life: lab edition

July 26, 2011

a slower pace
i thought it might be fun to show you all what a day in the life is like when you’re a fellow doing basic science research [ie: leading what sometimes feels like a very weird hybrid/dual life]. looking back in the archives, i’ve done this at least twice before: a 2005 lab day [when i knew what i was doing in the lab!] and one of my first days in the level 2 NICU as an intern [aww, cute].

so: here was monday, july 25, 2011!

6:00 wake up after ~8 hours of sleep [essential given that i am off of caffeine! although i think i am past the hard part of withdrawal already]

6:15 decaf espresso + berakfast [whole wheat waffles + sunbutter + strawberries, if you must know] while perusing various blogs, reading through email, etc

6:45 start writing my own post. yesterday’s took a while due to all of the linking back!

7:30 30 minute run around durham. [wasn’t as torturously hot as sunday, so that was good!]

8:00 shower/get ready for work

8:45 commute to lab in RTP [~ 10 minute drive]

9:00 arrive in lab. write out calendar plan for this week [ie, when i will do planned experiments, when i have clinic, etc — see above]

9:20 work on powerpoint for clinical meeting next week. get it pretty much done! [yay]

11:00 assess RNA from last week [ie, measure concentration]. be pleasantly surprised that tubes actually do contain some RNA! except for 1. still, not bad.

12:00 drive back home & eat lunch at home [in my defense, it is directly on the way between lab + our clinic! i only get to do this on mondays]. enjoy 30 minutes of down time while eating in the comforts of our apartment.

12:50 drive to clinic for our monday afternoon meeting.

1:00 answer patient messages, sign faxes [diabetes supply prescriptions, for example], catch up with coworkers

1:30 very long meeting [this is an extra-long one with administrative stuff added on to the usual academic proceedings].

4:30 finish meeting; do a few other quick tasks in office [finish leftover note from friday’s diabetes clinic]

5:00 endo grand rounds in the hospital. cover pager for other fellow who is speaking. get up to answer it twice.

6:15 arrive home! begin to make very easy planned dinner. wonder if josh might be making his way home any time soon.

7:15 josh texts that he is going to do an ultrasound on someone and THEN will be home. eat dinner because too hungry to wait this undefined length of time.

visual aid!
8:15 josh comes home. microwave him some pasta. watch the first episode of the new season of entourage

9:00 read never let me go in bed. i’m almost done!

9:30 pass out

so, there you have it! some days, i am in the lab all day and am doing much more hands-on labwork; other days i have a full day of clinic. i have to get very comfortable with switching gears quickly, and for the most part i’m getting better at making the most of my schedule. the craziest part for me is probably coming in at 9! there are upsides to research . . .

happy tuesday!

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