happy 4th!

July 4, 2011

the third day
seriously THRILLED to have an extra day to this lazy long weekend! our apartment is progressing:

josh spent yesterday building this while i went about other domestic duties
we’re getting closer to the apartment therapy finish line, but there’s still plenty of work to be done . . .

you may note that the piles don’t seem to prevent the master builder from enjoying the fruits of his labor.

fine with me, as long as those piles stay AWAY FROM MY PRISTINE DESKTOP, please:

mine, all miiiiiiiiine
what’s that? you wanted to see what was in those drawers?

just the essentials
loving. it. of course, i now need to find a happy home for the rest of my stationery/notebooks/office toys, but there’s no reason i need 10 different blank notebooks at my fingertips at all times, right? [. . . i think?] i am going to try to stick with this minimal setup at least for the time being.

i feel more zen + focused already.

[although maybe that’s just the result of 3 consecutive nights of 8-hour+ sleeps]

mediterranean dinner party!
we’ve built a pretty solid sunday dinner routine with k + m [aka dr. s]. from polish to swedish to french and back again, we’ve had some serious culinary adventures together. no matter what the theme, a night with these two means flowing conversation + flowing WINE! last night was no exception.

i was going for some sort of mediterranean vibe, but i’m not sure the elements came together in any sort of cohesive way. but no one was complaining [at least not to my face!].

honeydew mojitos, minus the cheesecloth-straining and with darker rum
perhaps not as pretty, but still tasty and a fun way to start the evening. i’m not sure this beverage was the ideal accompaniment to this little aegean snacking tray:

but this served its purpose of staving off our guests’ hunger while the lamb finished braising!
the main event: sara moulton’s braised lamb shanks with ratatouille. i chose this recipe mostly because i had [unknowingly] purchased every vegetable it called for at the farmer’s market on saturday morning. plus, when else would i have time to make something with total preparation time: 3 1/4 hours??

served with a side of buttered egg noodles, i think it turned out quite well:

the lamb was very tender and the vegetable sauce rich + flavorful
our eating marathon continued with a dessert wine + cheese course:

loved this sweet hungarian dessert wine – it tasted like nectar!
and somehow, we still had room for jenna’s blueberry crisp

topped with cinnamon-dusted vanilla gelato

other than recovering from the above feast and doing a little more cleaning/organizing, not much is on the agenda! i may head over to BP later today for some yoga fun, and josh and i are about to head out for a very short run in 80-degree heat. mostly, i just plan on kicking back and enjoying this EXTRA day — every minute of it 🙂 happy 4th of july!

1987: me on the left, my sister on the right.
[yep, i posted this last year but couldn’t resist a repeat!]

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