July 23, 2011

a bitter goodbye

to my ever-present morning companion —

i truly appreciate the things you have given me over the years. because of you, the days begin with an air of brightness and can-do energy. you put a spring into my step on early morning runs and sometimes may have been what got me out the door in the first place. i credit you for my career, because you helped me stay awake in 8 am college courses — although really, we go all the way back to 10th grade math. i love what you have done for me and i can’t wait to be with your smooth darkness again soon.

lovingly yours,

so, i’ve decided to give up my caffeine habit. the data on TTC + caffeine intake are somewhat mixed, but i do think this will be much easier than cutting out my long runs. right now, i’m drinking a cup of decaf espresso [josh’s parents bought us a nespresso machine which i have fallen in love with] and all seems right with the world. however, from previous caffeination-mishaps i am bracing myself for headaches, fatigue, and grumpiness.

i’ll keep you posted! anyone have experiences with quitting to let me know what i’m in for? i’m a daily coffee drinker, brew at home, and drink it black. i SAY it’s just one cup daily, but my ‘one cup’ per day is more like 12-16 oz.

so other than lolling about in a withdrawal stupor, this is an unusual weekend in that both josh + i are off!! and for once, we don’t have much planned. today i plan to make my usual farmer’s market pilgrimage [need to head out NOW – the high today is 100!], attend yoga, clean up a little, lie around reading, and work on our budget [a goal for july which has been neglected]. oh, and i need to figure out some HLS plans — can’t believe that trip is less than a month away! tonight? dinner out + hopefully harry potter!

okay, at 8:09 it’s up to 82 — need to jet. have a lovely weekend!

another giveaway?
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workout: um, oops? this week was just so hot and i was sort of lazy. but i’ll be back today!

dinner-party worthy
i don’t usually like to try out new recipes when we’re having people over, but i’ve growth to trust heidi swanson just that much. and her wild rice casserole did not disappoint! one thing i love about her recipes is that my results tend to LOOK like her pictures. that isn’t always true [ahem, martha] and makes me happy.

part of this complete spread!

our guests brought a delicious south indian dish which josh and i both loved

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