July 28, 2011

how did that happen!??
i was looking at our schedule for next week, and noticed that august 1st was mentioned. i actually flipped back, thinking that there had to be another week sandwiched between now and then.

but, apparently not. time marches on. [and it’s my sister-in-law’s birthday!! happy bday, rachel!].

so anyway, it looks like july’s goals may not all get accomplished — but that’s okay. i am determined to resolve those expectations vs reality! every box isn’t going to get checked off EVERY month — and that’s okay.

i do want to revamp our budget before the month is out, though! my excel method from earlier this year kind of failed — or i suppose you could say totally failed, because i didn’t use it for longer than a month! however, our new apartment and prius payments mean that money is flowing out at a faster rate than it was previously and i think we could stand to be better about keeping track. i am going to try the KERF method this weekend — and i’ll let you know how it goes.

i have had this image open on a tab
. . . for 5 days now, and i have had no natural way to segue into it. so, i’ll just say: ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL?

from norwegian style blogger stylizmo
i love my spare space, but i would love some more feminine touches.

something to strive for, i suppose. maybe in september.

walkable restaurant review #6
we met up with some med school friends in town for a visit at a place i hadn’t been to since — well, med school! our visitors had a craving for toreros mexican, and who were josh and i to argue?

it’s certainly convenient: this restaurant is located exactly 247 steps from our apartment
we had a super-fun night catching up with V + K, but i have to be honest and say i would be perfectly happy if i went another 8 years or so [or more!] before eating there again.

my fatija-quesadilla [interesting concept!] looks innocent enough, but the filling was super-salty and tasted oddly asian [like they doused it in soy sauce!??]. the rice was dry and the guacamole was inferior to what you get at chipotle! even though i’m generally not into big national chain restaurants, i would steer anyone in the mood for a loaded burrito there instead, or to cosmic cantina down the street.

distance: 0.1 mi [247 steps!!] from our apartment

price: ~$10 or so per entrée.

decor: cheesy mexican

food: i think you get my drift . . .

maybe i should have gone with fajitas, like josh

company: top notch!! A+.

and for once josh and i get to be in the same frame!!


workouts [the week so far!]

monday: 3 mile-ish run outside in the AM, 30 minutes

tuesday: 20 minutes elliptical + weights [squats, pushups, bicep curls, lunges]

wednesday: 75 minute yoga class

yep, that’s pretty much what my rotation looks like these days!