rolling in the heat

July 30, 2011

the dishwasher needs empying
so clearly, i need to follow some of my own advice! i was out with my lovely friend kara again last night and she seemed to think [based on the blog] that josh and i exist in this super-clean super-minimal sparkling apartment all the time. let me assure you that this is FAR from the truth. we make messes. i have a whole bunch of clothes currently hanging out on the bedroom floor waiting for their turn in the laundry. we leave the dishes after dinner [sometimes]. we have random piles of stuff that are going to go somewhere at some point but just aren’t there yet.

and then, on a sunny saturday morning, i am to make things livable again.

after finishing this post, of course
also on the agenda:
✔ pedicure!
✔ brunch with K + S [and J if he can finish rounds on time . . .]

i already ran in an attempt to beat the heat, so that’s out of the way — i have to say i am really looking forward to a morning [any morning!] when the temperatures are not hovering close to 80 by the time i get out the door. i am not really complaining [i will gladly accept our summers in return for the shorter winters] but i will be excited when it does happen.

bon iver
so i saw bon iver last night! despite the negative review from my favorite music critics, i really like the second album, engineered and 80s-synth as it may be. and i would say they put on a decent performance — BUT, kara and i both felt the venue was lacking. there were a lot of drunk [or drunk-acting] 17-year olds hanging out on the lawn, having raucous discussions while songs like this one were played on a warm summer evening:

so i guess what i’m saying is that i have become THAT old and curmudgeonly lady at the ripe old age of 31. oh well!

we enjoyed dinner at the busy bee before the performance. gearing up for a hot and sweaty outdoor concert, we aimed for cool:

kara with her caprese salad
my summery salad of strawberries + succulent shrimp with walnuts and orange vinaigrette
shared hummus + pita – the roasted chickpeas were a great touch!
i definitely recommend the busy bee for a pre-concert meal that is quick and delicious [shelby and i went there before girl talk and i can vouch for the quality of their burgers as well.]

all right, off to get cracking on that list before pedicure time! i guess i’ll start with the dishwasher . . .

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